Death penalty for LYING by calling a comatose BIGOTED KKK slavery democrat liberal?

Prison sentences for calling a putrid vulgar mentally deranged RACIST HATEFUL intolerant BIGOTED piece of shit KKK slavery demonrat liberal?  It is a must!!

Obviously, the extremist deplorable sycophant HATE speech when someone subversively LIES by calling a brainwashed RETARDED unconscious filthy KKK slavery democrat liberal is heinous and disgusting!!

The soon to be dead for being gullible morons KKK slavery leftist TRASH who willingly took the Rockefeller death shot are the anti-thesis of a liberal, as the brain damaged morally repugnant diseased sludge are easily offended by the truth since the useless eaters are programmed with all LIES!  This is why the RETARDED dross go berserk at the sound of any truth!! It is bizarre, but some of the mental invalids actually believe CNN!!  How absurd is that?

All domestic terrorist KKK slavery lefties are disposable sewage and the government was correct in euthanizing the filthy TRASH!!

In light of all this, it is important we put a stop to all the extremist HATE speech by calling this leftist scum liberal, as we know they cannot even form a complete sentence at this point. KKK slavery leftist vermin is completely unconscious vomit!!

Thus, we need to punish the BIGOTS who do this.  Fines and prison sentences should be as follows:

$1000 fine plus 3-10 years in prison for the first offense.

$5000 fine for a second time and an additional 20 years in prison.

Life sentence for a 3rd time and possible death sentence since this is such a despicable HATE crime!!

This is clearly the only way to stop the HATE speech by calling diseased sludge BIGOTED KKK slavery leftist TRASH liberal!!

Comatose egotistical RETARDED KKK slavery demonrats are rude and obnoxious!!
All comatose KKK slavery demonrats are RACIST BIGOTED TRASH!!
KKK slavery demonrats are disposable sewage!!
The whole mentally deranged party is pure HATE!
Yes, I am glad the mental invalids euthanized themselves via the Rockefeller death shot!! Good riddance!!
I am the open minded liberal, but this shows my sentiments entirely about all obnoxious KKK slavery leftist filth!!

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