White Male Privilege!

As a straight white male, I obviously owe the faulty inbred inferiority complex ashkeNAZI yid supremacists who falsely call themselves joos a debt of gratitude for bestowing on me this wonderful blessing of “white male privilege.”  I certainly do not know what I would do without it anymore.  I have found it easy to bring anywhere as it fits nicely in my briefcase.  It unfortunately does not work in pedowood since they are all morally repugnant ashkeNAZI yid supremacists, nor does it work in the media since they are all genetically deformed subversive LYING egotistical RETARDED ashkeNAZI yid supremacists, nor does it work well in the banking industry such as the Federal Reserve since they are all thieving parasitical egotistical RETARDED ashkeNAZI yid supremacists.

Obviously, ashkeNAZI yid supremacists are oppressed as you can see so they must employ Racist terrorist extremist supremacist oppressing HATE groups like ADL and SPLC to tell you they are oppressed.  I do enjoy being portrayed on yid TV “programming” as the bad guy which is clearly part of being white male privileged in every movie as that is always nice especially when the Black guy is always there to put me on the right path.  When meeting mentally deranged HATEFUL intolerant BIGOTED comatose Feminists or domestic terrorists antifa, I love the privilege of hearing them say “white men are the worst” or “all white men must die.”  The privilege of this is so heartwarming it just stirs my soul.  Obviously I really enjoy the privilege of women screaming hysterically telling me I have white male privilege and what a privilege it is!  I also enjoy other races saying I am racist just for existing.  You cannot imagine what a privilege that is. 

What a privilege it is to be around caustic and obnoxiously rude easily offended zombie apocalypse KKK slavery lefties because they are RETARDED!!  I just cannot thank the egotistical RETARDED parasitical ashkeNAZI yid supremacists enough for this one.  The joy and pleasure fills me with love every time I hear I am racist and bigot (although I assure you comatose lefties are afraid to utter any programming regurgitations in my presence LOL!).  Obviously I am still trying figure out the facts on why this is so, but unfortunately nobody has been able to give me an answer.  Maybe I should ask the genetically deformed ashkeNAZI yid supremacists since they are so smart telling me these things on the TV “programming” and pedowood (when they find time after raping children obviously). 

I know diversity and multiculturalism does not include “white male privilege”, but then I do realize I am racist and sexist just for existing right?  Really, how could I forget this undeniable absurdity?  At this point, frankly I have been seriously thinking about giving up my white male privilege and exchanging it.  I hear they have some nice shirts at Nordstrom and I like the color red!

Oh btw, the one certainty of the white male privilege I do have is the intellectual ability to provide a severe linguistic enema to anyone telling me I have “White male privilege.”

I have upgraded!!
How much more absurd can it get?
Freud was a disgusting egotistical subversive LYING pedophile scumbag!

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