False Flags!

All the world is a stage for the (((pharisee money changers))), so here is some pictures proving it!

This is just a start since everything is a LIE!!

Alive and well!
5 ItsaHELLie kill team were there to specifically kill white Christians in Vegas!
JFK was an obviously murder and the controlled demolition on 911! No planes at all!!
NASA is a fraud! The earth is FLAT!!
The real truth about WW2!
How much more obvious can it get?
Titanic was purposefully sunk by the banksters!
Seth Rich is who wikileaks got their truthful information! from!
Patton figured it out too late so they killed him when he did!!
If it was a yid holiday, auctions were cancelled due to no buyers!
The KKK never left the slavery democrats! Crack for the ghetto proves this!
Flouride is a neuro toxin and makes people dumb on purpose!

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