What is Cognitive Dissonance (I.e. agent smith)?

The causes of cognitive dissonance are actually quite simple:

  1. A statement of FACT that disagrees with someone’s core beliefs
  2. A lack of comprehension

We all have beliefs that form our inner core and because of the age we live in, they all very dramatically different especially with so few people who actually have critical thinking skills to determine what a Fact actually is.  Thus I have heard this statement time and time again, well those are your facts which may not be my facts.  This is completely absurd as a FACT is a non-debatable item and it is not subject to emotion in the least.  If someone’s belief is such that their opinion which is not based FACTS at all differs from the actual FACTS, a state of cognitive dissonance will occur. Or as in the case of many people, a simple lack of comprehension will occur causing the mind to go into the inversion, meaning at that point the subconscious will take over and will become accusatory of what that person is actually guilty of, i.e. the Orwellian Inversion.  Since most people are actually thinking backwards or not thinking at all, this can happen quite frequently.  When both people are in the same state and controlled, nothing will happen as the programming will agree.  The FACT that 2 people are talking who are programmed does not mean that each is not in a state of cognitive malfunction, it just means they are malfunctioning together on the same level.  The vast majority of people are this way.

Thus, when both people are retarded, how would they know? This applies to the vast majority of people as the masses are unfortunately leading lives of quiet desperation if I may take part of Thoreau’s quote.

Once into the inversion, the most likely scenario is that there will be no response as the mind will go into a state of comatose, or it will make someone angry producing a personal attack on the person who is simply stating a FACT as do to the lack of comprehension they will view it as an insult. It is at this time the ignorance of FACTS which will produce the cognitive dissonance.  At this time, these are the items that will encompass what the inversion will produce.

The inversion quantifiable items:

1.       Shallow thinking – No detail is small enough

2.       Bigotry – Refusal to engage

3.       Ignorance of FACTS

4.       Arrogant Opinions – When someone is unable to question things their mind has a hard driven answer that will easily be regurgitated. No filter means no real thought.

5.       Personal attacks – related to the Bigotry, but no real debate just attacks either verbal or physical. Giving advice or judging is very common as someone will perceive they are being thoughtful, but they are really being judgemental.  Nobody has a right to judge another person, that is God’s realm entirely.

6.   Deflection – No topic will stay on course

7.  They will accuse you what they are guilty of! Psychological Projection!

8.  Instead of thinking for themselves, will state authority figures as proof they are right

      The most frequent actions are complete bigotry by not responding, or a personal attack which will be exactly what they are guilty of. Because of the FACT not agreeing with their belief they will view the FACT as a personal insult which is where the inversion takes place. Since they view it as an insult, this is where they will think they have the right to insult themselves, which really is just the ego protecting its LIES. 

      In a discussion where someone is actually debating but has an inverted mind where their opinion is the exact opposite of yours, they will always state authority figures as the reason for their beliefs, but never any of their own.  They are usually very well educated or should I say indoctrinated individuals who have memorized so much that they destroyed their critical thinking skills.  This extensive memorization is the main reason most highly educated individuals are simply highly indoctrinated and programmed robots.  This explains the high degree of retarded arrogant KKK slavery Democrats also.

      When debating this person they will refuse to answer any questions, and always ask some of their questions.  When you say you will answer theirs after they have answered your question that you have repeated numerous times, they will accuse of you of what they are guilty of, deflection. They will then shut down, become a bigot, and accuse you of being stupid, which they are guilty of all accusations.  Henceforth, the inversion is completed. 

      Once a person goes into the inversion they are factually retarded and no more meaningful debate will take place as their subconscious can only play offense, and their defense is to become a bigot to protect their LIES! They will never present any FACTS of their own except for propaganda from authority figures so they are letting someone do their thinking for them but they will expect you to produce all the FACTS in the world which unfortunately they will dismiss since they cannot comprehend what a FACT is.  This is the conundrum of the inversion and why it is so hard to reach someone when the programming is designed to produce a bigot to protect the beliefs they have been programmed with. 

      Cognitive dissonance is very pervasive and is cause solely by FACTS and the Truth.  It will also appear as Hate to the mind since they do not comprehend what a FACT is.  This is the control mechanism they use for everyone.

      Everyone needs to have an open mind about everything or you are controlled.  If you disagree with someone, you must not insult, but ask why do you believe what you do?  Until you have an open mind to everything, you have chains on your mind which are understandably difficult to free. 

      In the end it is a simply choice, do you choose to be a free man or a slave? It really is black and white.

The Matrix incorporates all these!
People are programmed with opinions, not FACTS!
To break down the walls, a person must question themselves!
Erasing the I believe I am right ego by questioning your beliefs is the first step to freedom!!
Nothing by chance!!

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