What is the Matrix?

While many people have seen the Matrix movie the vast majority of the masses do not know what it is.  It is everywhere but it is nowhere.  It is omnipresent but for most people who live in it, they do not know they exist in it. It is everywhere you go.  It is a prison for you mind without bars.  You can escape from this prison but you must want to escape.  If you do not question the Matrix you will never leave.  Even if you question the Matrix and feel you have escaped, there will always be parts of it that exist solely in your mind. It is rare to be completely removed from the whole Matrix as there are many compartments and many dead ends.

Anyone who exits the Matrix will always be viewed as crazy by the masses.  All philosophers are such as they are the thinkers, and someone who questions and thinks and has enough intelligence to escape, will awaken to a much different world than what they thought was real.  When you awaken the whole world becomes logical in not such a good way.  When someone awakens their first reaction is like the midget on Fantasy Island yelling “Da Plane, Da Plane” and you think this will be easy to help people get out of Plato’s Cave, but you soon realize if a person is not ready they will grab onto their chains extremely hard and not let go! 

After a person is able to critically think about everything they have been told to believe and realize it is just what someone wants them to believe and not the truth, it is no different than starting the dominoes to fall.  One after another what we have been conditioned with our whole life to believe starts falling apart. The mind starts to incorporate FACTS plus the newly acquired reasoning skills and a new reality emerges that is much different than what we were led to believe in school. Instead of ignoring FACTS you will not be able to get enough FACTS!  Each step the minds awakens, knowledge from the universe will appear as your mind becomes more and more conscious to the omniscient feeling that we are all supposed to be connected.  We cannot be controlled by the few if that happens so the supposed elite of the world desperately want to divide and conquer us to keep us in our mental prison. 

That is why all the poisoned food supply with junk food, GMO’s, vaccines, chemicals, sodas, and everything that is not natural is pushed in advertising.  This plus more keeps the mind polluted as we are what we eat and the more pollution we put in, the more of a chance we will not wake up.  A cleansing of the body is important to fully wake up.  Without this process, exiting the Matrix will be nearly impossible

When someone is woke, everything will become extremely predictable as you can instantly tell who is in the Matrix and who is not.  You will want to awaken people and inevitably you will lose friends over this.  It is impossible to exit the Matrix and go back in as not that anyone would want to anyway.  You will soon realize that because you are awake that you will be constantly attacked.  You will know that people will accuse you time and time again exactly what they are guilty of.  I personally have been called stupid, I don’t listen, and more over and over again and every time I do, I get a good laugh.  The simple fact is that people who are not able to comprehend what you say will regard you as stupid.  Unfortunately that will be the majority of people.  You will lay out the answer to something in a very clear and concise manner to someone and think to yourself, how on earth could they not get this!  My mind thinks YES! I am going to wake this person up!  Then you get a response from the parking lot even though you are in the stadium.

If a person is in the Matrix they will delve into shallow topics, never getting much beyond the intellectual children’s pool.  If they do debate you which is rare, you will be able to lock them in a corner with a couple responses and know they cannot get away. But they deflect to a different subject altogether and will always accuse you of deflecting. Everything they are accusing you of they will be guilty.  This is the inversion of the Orwellian World that George Orwell described in 1984. But the biggest control mechanism to keep people in the Matrix is abject bigotry.  “Don’t talk politics” or something like that. Refusal to engage.  The Truth will appear in their mind as Hate when it is just the Truth.  This way nobody wants to debate a hateful person right!  This reaction will shut them down even though what was said actually had no emotion at all as the Truth has no feelings.

Everybody in the Matrix will not understand FACTS.  The mind will not be able to comprehend FACTS nor able to even state a FACT.  Frankly the mind will not even be able to see a FACT.  The controllers want the masses functioning on emotion only so they can manipulate the people.  It is very effective.

Most people in the Matrix will be very confident!  Without a filter to understand fact or fiction, they will just regurgitate what they have been told to think.  If it is hard driven, the confidence is high! But their egos are made on quick sand and when you challenge them they will run away.   A sentence with big words can be made, but it will never really come to a conclusion because their mind does not even know how to come to one. Everyone in the Matrix is programmed to be a BIGOT to keep them in their mental prison. 

When you are not in the Matrix and you speak to anyone in the Matrix, be prepared to be attacked.  Because you are challenging their belief system or reality they will have the perception that you are attacking them directly, but all you are doing is stating simple common sense.  The Matrix is devoid of common sense, critical thinking of any sort.  Like I have stated before, every time the attacks will be exactly what they are guilty of.  Thus the inverted Orwellian world at play. If you ask them for a simple FACT they will not be able to produce a single one nor do they even comprehend the word FACT.  It will frustrate them immensely since their mind is so convoluted.  They will avoid any debate and will NEVER give you a FACT!  How exactly do state a FACT when you do not even comprehend what a FACT is? 

It is a FACT that the world is very black and white, but in the Matrix it is many shades of grey.  Everything melds together and while the human mind knows something is wrong, it just cannot quite figure it out. People will write blogs showing their frustration on the simplest issues and have discussion after discussion, but the end result is like a hamster spinning a wheel in a cage.  In the end, nothing is accomplished except an exasperation of feelings into the abyss.  It only keeps people’s mental chains firmly attached.

The Matrix is a prison that nobody realizes that they are actually there.  The Matrix is slavery in the absolute worst way as it robs an individual’s free will without them realizing it.  If you do not realize you are a slave, how do take the first step to break the chains?  That is an answer that is different for every individual.  As soon as a person asks 1 question about something that they care about, it is like opening a can of worms.  The dominoes start to fall.  And for sure they will not stop.  The discrepancy between a woke mind and someone who is asleep unfortunately creates a gap so wide that it is hard for them to communicate. Consciousness is a pure illusion for people in the Matrix.

Breaking free from the Matrix starts with asking simple questions, not hiding in the corner like words somehow will hurt you.  It starts with one question.  That one question just might mean the difference between a meaningful life and one not really worth living.  The choice is yours and yours only to make!

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