Orwell 2022 updated version!

In 2022, 38 years after 1984, Ingsoc and it citizens are embraced in an epic struggle that grips the minds of the masses, where intelligence is limited to the few and the masses act like asses.  The manipulated many cannot debate, but regurgitate simple insults that they themselves emulate.

Facts are few and opinions are many, where the meaning of words are surreptitiously skewed to fit the narrative of inverted world that Orwell so described with his clairvoyant diction. Common sense is not in the least common, as the cattle are shoved into the direction of oblivious dereliction.

The minds of the masses cannot think beyond the depths of the children’s pool, and are oblivious to cesspool that is being created, by the continuous wars killing many women and children. In the bubble that each of the masses mind are encapsulated, a simple distraction is all that is really needed, to keep them from understanding the gargantuan struggle for a proper civilization. No thought is shallow enough for the ignorant many and bigotry is embraced so as not to insult the lies perpetuating immorality. 

The lies are so mendacious at the current time, the Truth is so foreign and is viewed as pure fanciful farce, as the minds of the masses cannot grasp how far from the Truth we have drifted.  The Truth is preposterous and is screamed at as though words can physically hurt, but the Truth truly has no feelings at all, it is merely the truth.  The drift is so far from the Truth that it will invoke a feeling of hate just like the programming intended. 

The Truth is stranger than fiction, as Orwell, Huxley, and Plato described so vibrantly. What we have been told is merely a ruse to control and manipulate the inner soul, and steer all of us down the path of destruction. As deception and danger elude the instincts of the many and provides the perfect contradiction to the delusions of true reality. We live in a place where what most believe is fanciful fiction that really is merely a movie.  Philosophers though out time have warned all of us about this very real and continuous scenario but the masses are asleep at the wheel. Philosophers have merely told the truth and what they have told us is not a lie, but is just an accurate prediction.

1984 is NOT fiction!
The Truth is stranger than fiction!
Everything is a LIE!!

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