Woke Campaign!!!

In light of all the violence, HATE, and Extremism of the Blatantly RETARDED domestic TERRORIST RACIST HATE groups Black Lies Matter and Antifa, it is clear we all need to help every prideful BIGOTED unconscious RACIST SEXIST bigoted KKK Democrat understand who they are!

To help wake all RACIST KKK Democrats, the WOKE Campaign is here to help since we care.  We are opposed by the mendacious LYING psychologically projecting propaganda RETARDED RACIST supremacist main stream media since it is all operation mockingbird LIES. A KKK slavery Democrat obviously will not comprehend anything since they are not conscious, as they probably won’t realize George Floyd will probably get his academy award for the acting job he did!  Can you say Pedowood production?

Our goal is to help all Racist KKK Democrats to actually form an opinion, since all they can do right now is spew a hateful BIGOTED programmed regurgitations.

To help all Racist Sexist BIGOTED KKK Democrats so they recognize each other, our philanthropic organization WOKE will kindly donate our time and money so all KKK Democrats can get KKK tattooed on their forehead. It’s FREE! This will enhance the camaraderie of their group so when they spew their extremist HATE when they murdering innocent babies at the KKK Planned Parenthood clinics, they can feel connected. At WOKE, we recognize how efficient the KKK is nowadays since they no longer have to lynch anyone when they brutally slaughter innocent babies at their KKK clinics.  As is public record, the KKK gave a nice generous donation to Hillary Clinton since she supported Margaret Sanger who founded Planned Parenthood who stated, “Colored people are like weeds, and must be exterminated.”

Please help our philanthropy and worthwhile cause as we combat the HATEFUL BIGOTED KKK Democrats as they deserve to be more conscious than a brick wall, as the RACIST KKK Democrat is still the slavery party as they are all enslaved in their minds!

After you have FIRED all mental health crisis RACIST KKK Democrats, thru WOKES generosity, we will provide the professional Tattoo artists who are skilled in making the KKK insignia for free to show we care! This way when they stop wearing their slave masks we can still identify them for social distancing purposes!! It is a win win so we all can avoid these caustic and belligerent zombies!!

Together, we can combat the extremist HATE, Racism, and childish temper tantrums of the KKK Democrats.  We must help them NOW! These are most certainly unprecedented and challenging times for all sycophant farm animals lefties!!

As severe dementia sniffing pedophile Biden was getting his diaper changed by hospice, he has stated his support for the WOKE CAMPAIGN, not that he realized however!!

PS. We will also dispose of their TV “programming” by smashing the propaganda machine!!

Lefties are comatose!!
Brick Walls are silent so they are more intelligent than a lefty!!
The absurdities are currently immense!!
Plato’s Cave is very real!!
His diaper is full!!

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