Two memes to sum up our world today!!

Our new continuous war professionals!

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  1. The US military is too weakened by infiltration of woke ideology to defend itself at this point. These pathetic leaders would have tantrums and run and hide in their bedrooms if they had to attack or defend. But destroying the military by demoralizing was the plan. The irony is that the attack was from within by those parasitical fake jew scoundrels who are worse than dog diarrhea in terms of fragrance and intelligence and aren’t even semites.

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    • The realization that the US military has always fought on the wrong side of every war is just too much for most people to digest. But it is becoming more apparent every day as the faster it implodes at his point the better, as the Tyrannical satan worshipers who run the puppet show are just pathetic as they have declared war on the people who just want to be left alone. More people realize this every day!!

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