Pride goes before destruction is a simple FACT!

Pride goes before destruction is a simple FACT!

The ignorance of FACTS is the Hallmark of the Brave New World which is NOT fiction in the least!  Programmed opinions are NOT FACTS!!

Here are a few FACTS that are constantly ignored!

The earth is FLAT with a dome or firmament. Conspiracy Globbery is extortion fraud NASA nonsense!

911 was a controlled demolition (done by the racist terrorist ItsaHELL)

KKK slavery democrats do not have an open mind, and therefore they are NOT liberal, as they are all RETARDS and closed minded BIGOTS!  Isn’t morally repugnant sexual deviant prideful HATEFUL intolerant BIGOTED LGBT repulsive or what? Nobody should have tolerance for this filth!!

Are KKK slavery democrats easily offended?  Yes, and it is because they are comatose polluted thumb drives of misinformation!

Chemtrails are real and easily observable, and climate change is a crock of shit

Severe dementia sniffing pedophile Biden is RETARDED!!  How incredibly obvious is this?

Trump is pure controlled opposition! Trump support syndrome is real!

The truth is always the opposite of what the bullshit propaganda Zionist media says!

The Federal Reserve is a private bank and not federal at all!!  The love of money is the root of all evil!!

Pride in your beliefs is the problem with the world today simply because people do not question the programming we have all had since birth!  We have been fed all LIES!!  That is a FACT!!

The bible is widely ignored especially by organized religion!  All because of pride!!

Obviously I could go on and on and on since everything is a LIE, as everything is inverted as the bible said, Orwell stated, and so many philosophers, yet the masses continue to ignore all the FACTS.

Pride is stubbornness is bigotry is the ego which is satan himself.

The Matrix is one thing and that is the ego as the ego ignores all FACTS, doesn’t listen, believes it is right but is always WRONG!!

Wake up to your pride as pride is the biggest sin of all!!

Pride is the biggest sin of all!
The ego is the Matrix period!
The inversion per the bible!
The inversion per Orwell’s 1984 written in 1948!

2 responses to “Pride goes before destruction is a simple FACT!”

    • The Matrix is one thing and that is the ego. That is why I get attacked by supposed truthers. The ego is a persons pride!

      So simple, yet so difficult to grasp!! “Nobody is so hated as he who speaks the truth.” Plato


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