Recent conversation with a sycophant KKK slavery demonrat on Gab!!

KKK slavery demonrats are not alive as they cannot comprehend anything. They have no idea they are lying because they are not conscious, and obviously they psychologically project exactly what they themselves are guilty. Here is a genetically deformed egotistical RETARDED yid who has the audacity to have Saul Alinskys picture who wrote the rules for radicals and tutored one of the most despicable pieces of shit supposedly alive Hillary Clinton.

Here is the conversation as you may find it quite humorous!

Shrodingerskitty who has subversive LYING parasite Saul Alinsky as his picture

Fighting ashkeNAZIs on gab group!

Sauls first psychologically projecting first post

“Miss me with that racist bullshit…”

Obviously like everything else this organization promotes racism towards white people like the subversive LYING parasitical yids do!!


How do you propose to stop a despicable RACIST like severe dementia Biden as he kills more Black people with the crack pipes? Wasn’t KKK slavery demonrat Biden spewing enough of his extremist HATE toward Black people by murdering them at the KKK Planned Parenthood clinics? The KKK sure is ecstatic aren’t they?

I despise RACIST TRASH myself as an open minded liberal!!


Well, look we found something to agree on. I reject racists sounds like you do as well.

Sounds like a great place to terminate the discussion.

End on a high note and all that.


If only our definition was the same right?



See, now there you go trying to steal my sunshine and drag this into the dirt again.

Not going to happen, little buddy.

I’m going to leave it on the high note and walk away.

I want to remember you just like that.

Goodbye now.




Just curious with this most recent act of HATE, BIGOTRY and Racism by the KKK slavery democrat party towards Black people by getting them addicted to drugs with the crack pipes, have the donations been poring in from the KKK like they did for Hillary?

KKK slavery democrats sure are good at killing Black people aren’t they?

I am just a concerned open minded liberal who cares for women and children!!

The half eaten turnip brain!!


 I really can’t say I know what you are referring to. Sorry.


I understand as your programming is not designed to comprehend this!


The fiery pit awaits!!

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