Crack Pipes for the Ghetto: The KKK slavery democrats party latest act of extremist RACISM towards Black people!!

The latest extremist act of deplorable extremist HATE by the domestic terrorist diseased sludge KKK slavery democrats, the comatose gullible morons are distributing crack pipes to the ghetto to kill even more Black people since 62% of innocent Black babies slaughtered at the KKK Planned Parenthood clinics just wasn’t getting it done!!

This will obviously bolster donations from the KKK to the KKK slavery democrats just as it did for Hillary Clinton, who as we know is one of the most despicable filthy disgusting pieces of shit supposedly alive!!

All the sycophant farm animal morally repugnant cultural swine KKK slavery democrats gathered in their pen in the barn and bathed in their own urine and feces to celebrate!! Not that they realized since the unconscious sloth is simply not alive!!

Just as when LBJ signed the uncivil rights act to destroy the Black family he said, “I’ll have them niggers voting democrat for 200 years”,  the crack pipes further enhance just how extremist and deplorable the KKK slavery democrats HATE & RACISM is for all easily manipulated Black people, but as we know Racist genetically deformed subversive LYING yids still want their Black slaves to attack white people right?  So don’t tell anyone this truth as the parasitical ashkeNAZI’s fragile egos are offended by the truth!! (((The Pharisee money changers are NOT semitic btw)))

Are you still scared to say the Truth that all psychological projecting HATEFUL intolerant BIGOTED comatose KKK slavery demonrats are RACIST?

ashkeNAZIs did slavery in America!!
Eugenists like Rockefeller Bill Gates
The uncivil rights act!

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