From the book The Second Genesis: The coming control of life written in 1969 by Albert Rosenfeld

From the Chapter of the Control of the Brain and Behavior

This book completely outlines the Brave New World as described by Aldous Huxley

If the use of a broadside technique like ESB can give its possessor such powers over the brain think what might be done if we knew how to manipulate the brain’s chemistry in all its exquisitely refined detail.  “Just as the DNA code determines the color of the eye, the shape of the nose, and the preceise operations of such complex organs as the liver, “ writes Lawrence Lessing in Fortune, “so it also determines the cast of the mind.  The new hypothesis is that DNA not only specifies the physical structure of the brain, but it also controls, directly or indirectly, all brain processes and mental activity through a molecular code that may be searched out and finally mastered.”

From the title you can see it was written by an genetically deformed egotistical RETARDED subversive LYING parasite!!

The Brave New World in a June 1969 Life magazine.

I happen to be camping close to lake that had an old abandoned lake cabin probably built in the late 1800’s.  It was the original lake house on the lake and it looked to be abandoned around 1980 and has been empty for 40 years so it clearly has had no upkeep in the time.  As it typical of an abandoned house as who exactly knows the reason no one came back be it family illness, divorce, etc, who knows.  But the state of the house give you an idea of who the people that lived there were as I am sure this was a year round house back in the early 1900’s.  Encyclopedias from the early 1900’s, a piano, a “progressive” voting booklet from the 1920’s, a can of Mountain Dew and some Henry Weinhards.  The rest you can use your imagination as nothing has been cleaned for 40 years.  The house is not on any beaten path so it has not been trashed, but it has most certainly deteriorated.  Since it was abandoned before the computer, there are quite a few books and subscriptions to the Life magazine.

The issue that truly caught my interest was from June 1969.  This is from the first page of the article written by Albert Rosenfeld.  He is the author of the Book “The Second Genesis” which is really what this article discusses also as it is probably excerpts from the book.  Conspicuously on the cover of the book it has:

-Birth in a Test Tube

-Packaged Babies

-Human or humanoid

-The programmed mind

-Life after Death

-Brain Transplants

-Sexless society

Science, Sex, and Tomorrow’s Morality.

Do we really want to predetermine the sex of our unborn Children?

Will we accept the efficiency of genetically “designing” offspring for special jobs and environments?

Can we accept the idea of preserving eggs and sperm in cold-storage banks, to be used even after the death of the donors?

What is the future, if any, of marriage and the family?

“The coming control of Life.”

Since I know it is abundantly clear to me that we absolutely do live in the Brave New World as told to us by Aldous Huxley in the book of the same name written in 1932, seeing the spitting image of the proper mind control suggestions in an article in LIFE which was printed so blatantly 50 years ago shows just how long they has been manipulating people’s minds with propaganda.  The agenda to program people’s minds is most certainly done before anyone who is currently alive was born.  Only the sophistication of today’s mind control techniques thru television, movies, and music is a debatable item, not the mind control that is extremely evident in today’s society especially in AMERICA wh

A philosopher will never win a jury trial.  I do not have a belief that is popular simply because the Truth is not a popular opinion EVER.  The masses are always WRONG and are sheep.  I will stick to the Truth and being unpopular.  I assure you with most people I am as I get attacked every day for simply telling the Truth!

From the forward to the book “The second genesis: The coming control of life.” Written in 1969

By Albert Rosenfeld (ashkeNAZI)

“What do we believe about man?

A fantasy of the future- a perhaps not so fantastic fantasy of the perhaps not impossibly distant future – may help crystalize the issue:

Imagine a dictator with a subject population – the dictator, a man who is sure he know what is best for everyone; for himself, absolute power, for his subjects, happiness. He has at his command all the electrochemical techniques (vaccines, pharma drugs, Chemtrails, etc) necessary for controlling the human brain as well as the most advanced methods for controlling human reproduction. He can have entire populations raised “artificially” without resort to sex or family structure.  He can also, if he chooses, have electrodes planted in the brains of his subjects (5G), or begin administering “mind drugs” (Ritalin) routinely, at a very early age.

This done, he can maintain his subjects in a state of hardworking subservience- constituting, in fact, a slave labor force- and at the same time keep them in a state of constant euphoria by stimulating the pleasure centers of their brains (sports, TV, music).  Practically no one in such a society would have any true freedom of choice in any area of life where we now consider free choice important.  But everybody would be happy (and stupid).

Should anyone care about the pursuit of happiness if everyone already has it? If everybody is happy, can anything be wrong?

If we do think something is wrong with this happy picture – if we somehow find it profoundly depressing instead, is this merely due to the prejudice instilled by our own culture? Or is “happiness” perhaps not the goal of human life? Or, if it is, how do we define it? Can we answer the question persistently put to us by among others, Sir Julian Huxley (first chairman of the UN and brother to Aldous Huxley who wrote the Brave New World in 1932): What are people for?

All True!
All yid msm is psychological warfare!
Everything is completely inverted!!
Everything is a LIE!!

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