Try to be less KKK slavery Democrat campaign a success!!

As a progressive liberal who cares about women and children, I appreciate all the efforts by pushing this conspiracy theory of a virus so all mentally deranged unconscious Racist HATEFUL intolerant BIGOTED KKK slavery Democrats freely injected themselves with the poison to euthanize themselves.

The extremist deplorable sycophant HATE that spews from all obnoxious and offensive comatose morally depraved KKK slavery Democrats has become atrocious and the decision to dispose of this Racist BIGOTED TRASH is clearly the right decision. Amazingly, the idiots selected themselves so willingly as they are going to the slaughterhouse alone.

The conspiracy propaganda of the propaganda msm encouraging the comatose gullible morons to euthanize themselves has been quite outstanding at this point, as we now must just wait for the mental invalid poisoned lepers to die.

The genetically deformed egotistical RETARDS of the propaganda have really taken the proposition to Try to be less KKK slavery Democrat to the upmost highest level!!

The vegetable is NOT alive!!
The KKK is alive and well in the slavery democrats!
The comatose morons selected themselves!!

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