Conversing in a Matrix World where the majority of people will not realize that they have inverted minds.

One of the main fundamental rules behind the Matrix is that the inverse is always true in everything.  Thus if a person is brainwashed they will adamantly deny they are brainwashed, or if their mind is inverted where the information is processed in reverse making it a convoluted mess, people will adamantly deny this exists also.  Only when someone agrees that this is possible will you actually see them making progress.  Someone denying will stay in the Matrix as they will be offended by you telling them this, and only when someone asks the question of why do you think this is the case will they make progress.  The reality words only offend people living in the Matrix and factually proves they are there.  Like everything else, when someone is in the Matrix they will accuse someone who is merely thinking and stating facts as being offensive, when in reality they are merely attacking someone like me and offending themselves.  The same principal applies when a KKK slavery Democrat calls someone racist or a bigot, it is them who clearly fits the bill.

When in discussion where you reach and touch a layer, an emotional response will always be made, never a questioning response which would be an intellectual position.  Thus, someone will just say they disagree with you and be in some way angry or even laugh i.e pure emotion.  Whatever the response is it is because their minds cannot actually comprehend what is being said. 

When you have people that have the inverted mind in a conversation with people that have correct logic or as I say Socratic logic, the person with correct logic will notice people speaking backwards all the time and of course want to help them by correcting their logic or give them intellectual or logic tips to try and right their logic.  This will be done by in the normal discourse interjecting without emotion the proper logic.  However, people with the same inverted mind who fundamentally agree with the same backwards thinking will become emotional and interrupt and accuse the Socratic logic individual of exactly what they are doing. But the perception of the actions will be the direct opposite of the truth in all cases. People will perceive that the Socratic mind is offensive (and they most certainly will be perceived that way due to a higher level of intelligence because of being outside of the Matrix), it is merely them offending themselves and attack or offending the Socratic thinker.  People will also interrupt the Socratic thinker also but their perception is that it is the other way around due to the inverted mind. Whatever the reaction, it will be emotional, criticizing and never questioning. The simple fact for me is that I am very even keeled and almost never get emotional or offended by words (just don’t call me a Democrat ok?) where if someone disagrees with me I am intrigued and if it is deep enough, I love going into a discussion. 

Thus, in all situation with how the Matrix works, proper Socratic thinking will irritate the inverted mind which will invariably cause an emotional reaction.  The inverted mind will perceive that the Socratic mind is insulting or rude with the intellectual corrections which frankly will be quite a few, and is clearly meant to help and correct, but will cause a quick emotional reaction so the Socratic mind will be interrupted repeatedly on a pure emotional basis.  The inverted mind will perceive the inversion obviously that the Socratic mind was interrupting while it will be the opposite every time. The Socratic mind will be significantly smarter than the inverted mind and that is unavoidable.  If and when the inverted logic is fixed, this will no longer be a problem

Just like in dealing with a Democrat, they will accuse you of what they are guilty. The reverse logic of what I call a Republican brainwash, is also facing in the opposite direction from the truth which makes everything they see in a grey form, when everything is truly pure black and white.

While the world is certainly upside down, the biggest inversion of all is how the mind is brainwashed.  This insidious reversed logic is the most difficult for people to understand and the trickiest to fix.  It involves a ton of deep thinking as the process takes a while to work thru.  The world would not have been able to have been turned upside down like it is if it wasn’t for people’s minds to be inverted. 

Thus, the inverted Matrix always has an emotional reaction such as annoyance, interrupting the Socratic mind, or just vehemently disagreeing since their mind does not comprehend what is being said.  Everything the inverted mind accuses, they are actually guilty of.  Each layer works this way.

Until a person breaks that layer’s emotional stop so they then can start asking questions about it which really means they are open minded in taking a look at the facts or hypothesis, they are not thinking at all but merely reacting.  Only when a person actively seeks the truth and questions everything will they be out of the Matrix completely. The reality is only the person who the mind is attached to can figure it out, as there is no blueprint for fixing ones logic function besides reading philosophy from Socrates or others.  The whole key is that a person has to want too and if they do not, they will stay in the Matrix.  If they do not understand the increase in consciousness and intelligence are immensely improved by fixing this issue, they will not seek the truth and the Matrix wins.

When trying this method, you must actually annoy the person whose mind you are attempting to fix as this is unavoidable, but the reality is just like everything else, it is really that person annoying themselves by becoming emotional and not asking the question, why do you believe this to be so.  So you must let them annoy themselves not that they will realize and let them blame you so you can use that as a learning tool. 

A Socratic method mind will have logically figured all of this out already so they understand they will be attacked and for sure that will be a constant.  The accusations and insults that are merely describing what the other person is guilty of will be immense simply because they are in the Matrix.  Expect them at every layer. 

Lastly, when a person does attain this most likely last insidious layer of waking up from a long sleep, you will most certainly find yourself almost like existing as a bit player in a movie.  Sometimes this is a comedy, sometimes a tragedy. Whatever it is, just like when a person first wakes up they want to tell the world.  That is when they realize that unless they make them laugh when you are telling the truth, someone will want to kill you and I have been threatened with someone wanting to kill me a couple of times.  One situation is basically where I didn’t believe the Vegas shooting and then I said the Sandy Hook was fraud, and this was a subversive LYING yid BTW, told me he wanted to kill me in a very violent manner at a hot tub where I had just met him. The other situation is where a discussion on vaccines on FB as I am adamantly against them and a Black Guy told me he wanted to kill me because I was against them.  Very reasonable stuff. So when you have the extreme programmed monkeys, I assure you they do have a kill switch.

Thus, your fortitude must be strong to take considerable abuse as I am attacked incessantly everyday for just pointing out facts.  I never insult anyone, however I do respond to an insult and due to this exact situation, their perception will be that they did not attack me and only I attacked them.  The perception deception is the complete opposite.  Depending on the person, I will politely disagree or if they disgusting, I intellectually shove their head up thier ass so they do not get up.   I usually don’t hear back from them.  I never mute anyone but I intellectually censor which is more fun.  People mute me which proves I am the liberal!

As we know, a true liberal is very unemotional on a factual basis! 

The Matrix Mind
The Free Mind

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