Sewer Equality NOW!!!

As a progressive liberal it has come to my attention that over 98% of sewer workers in America are men!!  In these challenging and unprecedented times, this travesty of inequality must be addressed!!!   This extremist deplorable injustice must be addressed as to make sure we have equality of outcomes, women most certainly have the right to get dirty and smell like the sewer also!

This extremist deplorable discrimination against women working in the sewers must be addressed immediately, and severe dementia sniffing pedophile Biden must muster up the strength to at least tweet about this although it is quite obvious he in intellectually incapable of doing so since he has the intelligence of a half eaten turnip as typical of sycophant farm animal KKK slavery Democrats. 

A greater opportunity must be given to Feminists which will really empower women for the greater good, although would they know?

By not providing for sewer equality, this is clearly violence against women and is equivalent to letting women be raped!  This discrimination of women in sewers is pure HATE towards women and the children they are trying to provide for, as being against this is to be a HATEFUL intolerant BIGOT!!

Stop the discrimination of women in sewers NOW!!!

Sewer silence is violence!!!

Feminism is birth control!!

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