Lack of History Month

In honor of lack of history month, severe dementia sniffing pedophile Biden the duck and Kamala the whore Llama hosted a conference at the barn with all the other farm animals to figure out a motto to celebrate their historical achievement of providing crack pipes to the ghetto.

Obviously under pressure from the KKK, slavery democrats have not been doing enough to dispose of the black farm animals in the ghetto by only using the KKK Planned Parenthood clinics, as they felt the best approach would be to get crack pipes into the ghetto to obliterate more of these easily manipulated Black farm animals. If Margaret Sanger were alive today she would be proud of the collaboration between the KKK and the slavery democrat party in their use of innovation and deceptive tactics to dispose of the Black farm animals since they had been underperforming, as only 62% of innocent Black babies were being brutally slaughtered at the KKK Planned Parenthood clinics, and they felt the numbers were lacking.  To ignore this obvious FACT is essential to animalism!

All of the farm animal lefties agreed with this approach not that they realized however since they were programmed so effectively to ignore murder at KKK Planned Parenthood, while being upset over complete sentences since they cannot actually form one themselves.

It was agreed upon in the barn that the farm animals, especially the stupider animals of the sheep, hens and parakeets, that this enhanced Racism act of providing crack pipes to the ghetto be accompanied by the motto regurgitated by Biden the Duck, “If you don’t smoke crack, you ain’t black.”

All the lefty farm animals slept well in their stalls that night!!

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  1. Good writeup. They have the soulless nerve to call scheduled infanticide, “planned parenthood”? Hiding the truth behind an inverted, nice, responsible sounding term doesn’t change the horror of the real truth. It’s a clear cognitive dissonance,…. aka retardation. That’s how Satan works through his mindless parasitical minions.

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