KKK slavery democrats are RACISTS!

KKK slavery Democrats are all Retarded.  This is a simple fact.  But how did they get this way?

There are 2 types of Democrats;

  1. Brainwashed Retard
  2. Simple Retard

The Simple Retard is easy, they are just low intelligence Morons.  Not intelligent enough to actually think for themselves in the first place. 

The Brainwashed Retard is usually the High IQ type and thus are highly indoctrinated thru schooling.  They memorize so much garbage that they literally destroy their critical thinking skills and that is the goal to destroy their brains function.  Valedictorians are perfect examples because they are so structured to focus on a simple tree, they are no longer able to see the forest. Thus, your University Professors, Doctors and Lawyers are literally some of the most programmed retards you will ever meet.  They have been told they are smart thru their programming and are rewarded for helping the beast system along, but they actually are just a polluted thumb drive. 

All KKK slavery Democrats are obviously Racist Sexist Hateful intolerant Bigots as they intellectually incapable of forming their own opinion, as their programming automatically makes them run away, or they will just be very crude and nasty in their personal attack on you. They are literally intellectually incapable of any discussion since they have no intelligence to have a discussion with. Debate on logic is impossible since they have none. They will never have any facts either since they cannot comprehend them anyway.  They are 100% guilty of what they accuseth as it is called psychological projection.

They will believe without question the BS on the vile projecting RACIST elf NAZI Supremacist main stream media because they have no idea on how to distinguish fact from fiction.  Every conversation of Democrats takes place on Orwell’s Animal Farm.

If you want to talk about quantum physics they will steer the conversation something extremely shallow such as the sex.  They will deflect when you ask for a fact every time and accuse you of deflecting.

All KKK slavery Democrats are commies, pure ego and are extremist deplorable sycophants!

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