The RACIST TRASH who regurgitate the fictitious “White Supremacist” LIE!

As we know by now mentally deranged catatonic closed minded prideful BIGOTED KKK slavery demonrats cannot think but only regurgitate.  This is more than obvious at this point as morally repugnant KKK slavery lefties are gullible morons who have euthanized themselves via the clot shot.  The mental invalids are simply walking programmable zombies. Any BIGOT who calls the HATEFUL intolerant prideful BIGOTS a liberal is simply programmed RETARDED!

KKK slavery lefties are not even remotely conscious!

The subversive LYING parasitical sub human beasts who run the propaganda fake news bullshit msm are also the egotistical RETARDS who run pedowood, the porn industry, and the criminal banking industry.  Martin Luther and Jesus were right about these LYING about these egotistical RETARDS.

Ignoring the sub human beasts has been very costly indeed!

For anyone who purports to be a Christian, Martin Luther’s book “The jews and their LIES” is a must read.  Frankly if this book is not read by a Christian it is fulfilling the prophecy of Hosea 4:6 where my people perish for lack of knowledge. If someone hasn’t read this book I do not consider them even remotely Christian. Any church do doesn’t reference this book simply is satanic.

Satan minions’s are very good at deception!

When you have such despicable RACIST supremacist pedophile HATE groups like ADL regurgitating this fictitious mendacious LIE, it is very obvious who the RACIST TRASH is! The schizophrenic psychopathic faulty inbreds who falsely call themselves joos are most certainly chosen, as they are satan’s minions.  It would make sense satan would chose the biggest losers on the planet with the biggest inferiority complex.  The ugly smelly egotistical RETARDS are extremely jealous of white people obviously as is more than obvious.

Disgusting egotistically RETARDED selfish slothful scum!

As the open minded liberal I am, I am very anti-Racist and anti-HATE, and the programmed regurgitation of the fictitious made up LIE of “White Supremacist” is only done by extremely jealous mental invalids obviously.  The useless eaters clearly descendents of Esau/edom/Sodom/amalek etc and obviously in their satanic projection call White People what they actually are. Repulsive RETARDED dick sucking rabbis do this all the time. 

The jealous of the faulty inbreds is immense!

Satan controls the world by the human ego and that is why everything is inverted, and probably the only time a satanic Talmudic rabbi loser will tell the truth is when they gloat about controlling the goyim by their ego which is the truth unfortunately.  Humans are controlled mainly by simple things such as materialism, sex and drugs which is the simpleton ego all the way.  Someone who is financially rich in the world is invariably extremely poor in spirit and to really be rich one must have wisdom.  Of course those rich in wisdom like Jesus or Martin Luther will be attacked by the world.  It is the way it works as it truly is a test that God puts us thru to get rid of all the lukewarm prideful idiots. A person cannot say they are saved and lack knowledge of who the devil is.

The ego will deny the truth and this is the only way the schizophrenic psychopathic subversive LYING faulty inbreds can protect themselves from all the disgusting satanic TRASH they do! The useless eaters days are numbered!

Satan controls the churches by their pride as he gets them to believe the LIE that faith alone can saved you.  This satanic manipulation LIE without reasoning is actual pride which is why organized religion is a control mechanism for the masses.  If a person cannot see that the Jesuit pope is satanic at this point and not in the least Christian they are a lost cause.  Many people are stuck in their Plato’s Cave of only following what their parents did which is exactly what satan wants.

Turn off your TV “programming!” It is all bullshit propaganda!

The regurgitation of the fictitious “White Supremacist” is pure Racism toward white people fomented by extremist deplorable sycophant jealousy of white people, and perpetuated by the narcissistically sub humans that falsely call themselves joos.  This is just a FACT and to not acknowledge this obvious FACT is Racist.

The fictitious “White supremacist” term is just absurd!

This is the truth and to not acknowledge it means you are simply prideful.

Absolute nonsense!

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