As an anti-RACIST, the abolishment of the mentally deranged prideful BIGOTED KKK slavery demonrats cannot come soon enough!

The rude and obnoxious behavior of catatonic mentally deranged RACIST KKK slavery demonrats has become so disgusting at this point it truly is best when all of them pass away from the clot shot. RETARDED KKK slavery demonrats lives do NOT matter. It would be HATEFUL to believe otherwise.

Bye Bye morons!

The abolishment of the diseased puke morally repugnant prideful BIGOTED KKK slavery demonrat sludge cannot come soon enough. The pieces of despicable scum do NOT belong in any civilized society and as an open minded liberal myself, I see no other way but the complete euthanasia of putrid vulgar filth.

The KKK slavery demonrats eat their own! Let them!

Obviously there are extremely HATEFUL Racists who consider egotistically RETARDED ashkeNAZI yid fake joos human and this is obviously very distasteful indeed.  Only the most ardent RACIST cares about the useless eating sub humans obviously.

The deception from the faulty inbreds is becoming extremely evident. It is very anti-semitic to support the subversive LYING parasites!

There are still people who believe the Illegitimate RACIST terrorist synagogue of satan ItsaHELL should exist.  These satan lovers most and will be disposed of properly. The anti-semites and RACISTS who defend the useless eaters will most certainly burn in a fiery pit.

Supporting Sodom and Gomorrah ItsaHELL will land someone in the fiery pit!

The current reiteration of catatonic KKK slavery demonrats is just repulsive filth. Any efforts to save these disgusting savages at this point is folly.  It simply cannot be done and no effort should be given to save them as it is a waste of time.  Righty’s are the ones that everyone needs to try and wake up as they can be saved! But righty’s are most definitely in a Trance also as you must want to wake up.

Just your typical KKK slavrey lefty. Euthanasia is the only cure!

This is just the truth and obviously most catatonic KKK slavery demonrats have literally euthanized themselves via the clot shot by all of them being such gullible morons.  Time is all that is needed to abolish all KKK slavery useless eaters.  Violence is not required in the least!

We must attack all HATE and extremism. Encouraging all KKK slavery lefties to get their boosters does this. This is merely the truth!

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