Understanding God is one of reason, not of faith in the least.

Anybody who knows me know that I am a very big critic of organized religion.  It is simply a control mechanism for the lazy masses.  The vast majority of church goers go there to have their programming confirmed that they have had all of their lives.

Pride is any organized religion is folly. The bible is literal and organized religion prevents people from understanding this.

When you understand we have been lied to since birth and the masses live in Plato’s Cave of ignorance, it makes you question your own reality if you have a functioning brain. Obviously only the few have a functioning brain unfortunately to even be able to question and those people are attacked merely because they have the audacity to see beyond the shadows and lies of our culture.

Things have never changed as the masses are programmed with opinions of nonsense that they have faith in. This is so they do not use their reasoning to understand simple FACTS and the wisdom of the bible. Proverbs is the greatest collection of wisdom there is, but very few people read it! That is by design! Isn’t there a good game on for all the stupider animals on Orwell’s farm?

It is of reason to understand everything being taught in our public indoctrination centers is a LIE, as it requires gullibility and faith to believe the utter nonsense.  Many Einstein RETARDED blithering idiots are unfortunately in the public brain damaging centers as evidenced by catatonic KKK slavery democrats. It is merely reason to come to the conclusion that KKK slavery demonrats are braindead and Republicans are stupid.  The false left vs. right paradigm is nonsense and run by the same satanic bankster inbreds to control you as these are the same schizophrenic psychopaths that Jesus talked about in the bible as the Pharisee money changers.  It is merely reason to connect these simple dots, not faith in the least.

Who runs the thieving banks today? Who runs propaganda pedowood? The pedophile parasites may have changed their name from stein or berg, but the psychologically projecting LIARS are all of the same tribe you are not suppose to critisize! The inbreds have fragile egos because they are narcissistic RETARDS! Or don’t you believe Jesus?

Both political parties are controlled by the selfish slothful narcissistic RETARDS as the government is merely a pedowood production of nonsense. It is not hard to believe especially at this point that all politicians are narcissists so they are all LIARS.  Whatever the parasites say the opposite if the truth. This is an immutable truth as the ego always accuseth of what it is guilty.

The puppet show is dead! Both parties are run by the egotistical RETARDS and it is time for people to wake up!

If a KKK slavery democrat calls me a RACIST BIGOT (which I assure you they are too scared to do) the accusation is on faith or their programmed beliefs thru the propaganda media brainwashing nonsense.  When an open minded liberal like myself calls a KKK slavery democrat a RACIST HATEFUL prideful BIGOT it is based on sound reasoning principals, not faith in the least. If a catatonic lefty would be so obtuse to tell me I have “white male privilege”, they should fear for their life since the linguistic enema coming their way will be quite fierce backed by significant emotional force.  I make sure their next trip to the toilet is quite painful so they may actually think before they regurgitate next time.  I say this because I care!

Oy Vey!!

I believe the bible verse Isaiah 5:20 is true and literal when it says good will be evil and evil good.  Do we not see prideful BIGOTED KKK slavery demonrats promote morally depraved sexual deviant LGBT and transgender drag queen despicable filth?  If you use extremist deplorable sycophant HATE speech and call a KKK slavery demonrat a liberal isn’t that statement based on faith and abject stupidity?  KKK slavery demonrats do NOT have an open mind and obviously are unable to form complete sentences so they are NOT liberal.  It is with sound reasoning principals that to understand KKK slavery demonrats are simply NOT alive.  Doesn’t vegetable Biden help solidify that reasonable FACT?

How much more literal can it get? The orwellian inversion is simply immense.

I did not come to the conclusion the earth is FLAT based on faith, it is one of reason.  Conspiracy globberyists regurgitate their programming or post some propaganda from jootube that confirms their absurd faith. Conspiracy globberyists are simply baal worshippers who must use an extensive amount of brylcream in their hair to keep it in place from all the 1000 mph winds around them from spinning thru their imaginary space.  Free mason actornots are only good at LYING and scuba diving since they film all their nonsense in a swimming pool.

Free mason NASA’s comedy routine stated we lost the technology from the 60’s? Unfortunately knowing how Tartaria had free energy and looking at the past architecture, our technology has literally been going backwards to a more satanic control structure. So in a way, comedian Pettit is actually telling a very ironic truth. Have I told you everything is completely inverted yet?

Coming to the conclusion that the earth is FLAT as stated in the bible is one of reason completely, as faith is folly.  Organized religion is the same as that program people to believe you must have faith in God so you ignore all the wisdom and reasoning in the bible.  All the wisdom in proverbs?  Just have faith in it but don’t try to comprehend it right?  Satan wants you to believe the bible is metaphorical and not literal because when you understand it is actually literal, he gets knows the gig is up.

Just reading about equity exercise between men and women. Just learned men are physically stronger than women. Such wisdom I learned right? The propaganda media is such oblivious nonsense it drives me crazy.

It is safe to say I have been attacked by all sorts of organized religion supposed Christians. Catholics, Lutherans, 7th day Adventists, Presbyterians, etc.  Jehovah’s witnesses or free mason Mormon cult members also.  They are all programmed to “save me” but none of them will listen to me because they call have the I believe I am right disease called the ego.  I don’t doubt their good intentions one bit, but none of them will listen to me.  When I tell them the truth the earth is FLAT it scares all of them!  Great way to get rid of those who only have faith that is very weak!  My confidence destroys their prideful arrogance based on faith away.  They simply have NO chance!

Organized religion creates the ego which is why it is a control mechanism for the masses.

The bible is literal and to say it is metaphorical is a satanic LIE.  Since the bible is literal you can then base your reasoning on the wisdom of the bible and everything makes perfect logical sense. 

A prudent man looks at the ingredients in an injection before they put it in themselves plus looks to see if can trust those behind the injection. So my research took about 15 seconds and I was right!

Destroying your faith in God is important to create your reasoning to understand that God is real and he created the stationary FLAT earth as confirm in Genesis and the rest of the bible.  The rest are details.

I don’t have faith in FLAT earth is the least, I have reasoning behind my logical belief backed up by the bible. Faith is nonsense!

2 responses to “Understanding God is one of reason, not of faith in the least.”

  1. It makes sense why commercial air travel is not permitted to Antarctica. It’s not a pole. You couldn’t fly over it. You’d run into the firmament.


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