America is the land of the enslaved mind: The inversion of reality is a FACT!

Having pride in being an American is folly as America fights on the wrong side of every war for the useless eating parasitical bankster scum. America is not the land of the free in the least.

America is the bad guy in every war! Pride goes before destruction!

All closed minded KKK slavery demonrats are prideful BIGOTS as this is more than obvious now as they are dying in droves from the clot shot. If someone still is programmed to call a lefty a liberal they continue to LIE.  If you fail even this little inversion then a person is prone to fail them all.

I told you so! All vaccines are poison! Especially the current mRNA clot shot!

FACTS matter for the truth, and if you do not care for the truth then you are simply lazy.  The truth is not HATE in the least as it is just the truth.  If the truth is offensive then you should do some self evaluation.

The hallmark of the Brave New World is the ignorance of FACTS! Ignore the poison ingredients of the clot shot? A fatal mistake!

In our upside down clown world which I point out with every post and meme I do upsets you, then I suggest you put yourself in my shoes seeing all the blatant RACISM and HATE coming towards me for simply being a straight white male.

Narcissistic RETARDED yids are NOT white! RACIST prideful BIGOTED KKK slavery lefties euthanizing their prideful selfish slothful selves is good karma however!

I do my best to try and make people think but it is very tough to get thru all the cognitive dissonance.

For those stuck on just reading the bible their pride is what makes it so they cannot comprehend it. Organized Christianity is literally satanic.

The satanic propaganda media will state that “white lives matter” is Racist and obviously that is Blatant Racism toward white people fomented by the ugly smelly jealous inferiority complex subversive LYING parasitical ashkeNAZI yids.  Thus like everything else which is inverted where RACIST prideful BIGOTED KKK slavery demonrats psychologically project exactly what they are guilty. Calling a lefty a liberal is a sign of brainwashed RETARDATION! It is completely absurd!

Jesus, Martin Luther and Hitler were all right!

When telling the truth that the earth is FLAT, satan wants you to dismiss this truth and say it doesn’t matter, as then a person stays in the Matrix believing the nonsensical globbery LIE. Saying it doesn’t matter is saying the truth is not important and the bible is a LIE also since it is an actual FLAT earth document.

The earth is FLAT with a dome. Your cognitive dissonance is the problem!

The inversion of everything is so blatant it is frustrating.  The Racism coming towards white people because other races are jealous is off the charts, and most white people have been brainwashed to accept it since the satanic media perpetuates this blatant psychological projection. The perpetuation of the despicable HATEFUL Racist holohoax LIE is the underlying canard that makes this inversion possible. The yids father is the devil as explained in John 8:44 as the faulty inbred race are a bunch of narcissistic RETARDS.

Because organized Christianity wants to keep the money flowing, they will not teach from the book of John. Yet for me it is the most important gospel. Most purported Christians are simply lukewarm and lazy.

When you see real jews going against the satanic zionist filth it shows the inversion completely.  Sodom and Gomorrah ItsaHELL is an illegitimate criminal satanic state and does not have the right to exist.  It is the Torah jews against the fake satanic Talmudic zionist joos as it is the head of the beast.  And Jesus was not a one of these Khazarian ashkeNAZI’s who falsely call themselves joos, as they are the Pharisee money changers who Jesus talks about in the bible.

Not on the propaganda news is it?

The bible is extremely literal and not metaphorical in the least.  It is a guidebook on how the masses are deceived.  It is literally playing out before our eyes.  The bible illustrates the inversion we are in completely.  If you don’t strive to figure out the truth you will call the truth HATE.  It is just the truth.

It is amazing how those who read the bible fail to head it’s advice! The biggest impediment to being saved seems to be the belief they are already saved. The I believe I am right disease is extremely strong in organized Christianity.

God said satan would rule the world and he does.  He does it by manipulating people’s pride or ego.  What is good is perceived as evil and vice versa.

The hypocrisy of the yid is just incredibly amazing. I could not lie as they do in the least.

This is the truth.  The world is inverted.  Resist the truth all you want but it is still the truth!

I am not dead yet! Oy Vey!!

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