Repeal #19! Stop Women voting NOW!

Intelligent women are coming to this same conclusion all the time as they realize the vast majority of women are easily manipulated emotional gullible morons.  Do not most women vote for the RACIST HATEFUL intolerant prideful BIGOTED KKK slavery demonrat TRASH? Why yes they do proving women should not vote as the false left vs. right paradigm makes voting immaterial anyway.

This is very true!

I do this poll for repealing #19 and stopping women from voting with these 2 answers:

  1. Women should not vote period
  2. Women are Intellectually incapable of debate, and throws hizzy fit proving women should not vote.
If they can make you believe their are more than 2 genders, you are RETARDED!

Overall as we know with disgusting 2 bit whore Harris leading the way, women politicians are repulsive scum, as all politicians as obviously subversive LYING narcissistic whores anyway.  They do a puppet show of nonsense to keep the masses preoccupied with pure gibberish, as the operation mockingbird media is just absurd at this point.

Absolute RETARDED whore TRASH!

But the FACT remains women overall are simply incapable of reasoned thought and should be making sammiches where they would be much happier as they cannot handle the stress in the political arena in the least and make horrible choices.  A women belongs in the home raising her children as God naturally designed things.  It is where women are the happiest instead of being another slave in the workplace.  Not that women cannot work mind you as women are meant to compliment men, not work in the sewer however.  But this is common sense and common sense is not so common is it?

There are no women philosophers are there? God did not make women to be thinkers.

The fraud that is feminism empowering women to destroy themselves is becoming more and more apparent everyday, as brain damaged comatose KKK slavery lefties make fools of themselves with every utterance they make. Liberalism is brainwashing 101 and it sure as hell does not produce an open mind in the least.  The public brain damaging centers falsely called universities are cess pools of TRASH.  Any and all influence by an ugly smelly narcissistic subversive LYING RETARDED parasitical ashkeNAZI yid must be eradicated as the faulty inbreds are useless eating scum.  Their massive inferiority complex drives the mental invalids to subvert everything the cretins touch.  The parasites besides destroying the black family with the civil rights act of 1965 have purposefully attacked women with this feminism vomit.

You deny that all prideful BIGOTED KKK slavery demonrats are vile RACIST TRASH? Please fuck off as it is the simple Truth!

God designed women to compliment men and are not intellectually capable of leading men as they never should be in a position of power, as it can easily be seen in the workplace how women are extremely nasty to other women.  This doesn’t happen with men as much for sure.

Women should be happy to be a women, and manipulated whiny ass RETARDED feminists should be run over by a truck!

Just as I do not let any RACIST KKK slavery democrat regurgitate their programming in my presence, women are not allowed to say anything to me without my consent and they sure as hell better be prepared for backlash if they try to tell me how to live my life or what I can and cannot say.  Women are natural nurturers for children, better designers with colors, pick out clothes (men suck at this), typically and should be better cooks, and men should help women to become good in these aspects.  It is where a women’s life is the most fulfilling.  She should not be wasting time on voting when it is most certainly not a women’s forte in the least, and women do not enjoy voting anyway.  But they have been brainwashed to believe they should vote to make a difference which invariably they make the wrong choice like being a whiny ass RETARDED KKK slavery democrat piece of shit. 

Comatose KKK slavery democrats are repulsive rude and obnoxious RETARDED TRASH!

The road to hell is paved with good intentions, and I do not doubt a women’s intentions in the least.  It is the follow thru that is an abomination.  As a progressive liberal who cares for women and children, stopping women from voting is imperative.

I don’t doubt a persons intentions, but intentions without reasoned thought are foolish and lead to destruction.

Besides, voting doesn’t matter anyway with the puppet show we are in. The operation mockingbird propaganda media and pedowood productions the satanic pedophiles are running makes all of it a farce.

Voting for the puppet show is just the illusion of choice!

The most important thing is for everyone to exit Plato’s Cave and realize it is all complete and utter bankster bullshit. Everything is a LIE!!

America is not the land of the free, but the land of the enslaved mind!

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