Bernie Sanders Retarded Defined:

Obviously this is a very old piece of mine written many moons ago when this drooling moron was running to be selected as President. He is sadly smarter than vegetable Biden which so is an egg plant unfortunately.

This is a state of being where someone is not even remotely conscious that their head is completely up their ass while speaking simplistic platitudes full of such mendacious lies to amaze and bewilder the braindead masses.  Being a polluted thumb drive like this can lead to strange delusions that giving away free stuff does not correlate into any subsequent costs.  It’s free so just by stating it is free it must be! The individual must speak in such a retarded manner as too illicit such a plethora of astonishment to mask even the thickest of glazes on peoples eyes.  Must accuse others constantly of what they are guilty. The sight of such a person will cause a significant majority of people to wonder what kind of video game simulation we are in as it is really hard to get many people into the intellectual children’s pool where Bernie Sanders plays. 

The subversive LYING satanic minion is from which parasitical tribe?

Followers of Bernie frequently have trouble feeding themselves and are usually buy slip on shoes since shoelaces are so troublesome.  They also are offended by the simple notion that their just might only be 2 genders.  No absurdity is too obnoxious to be programmed as the gullibility of followers has no limits. Follower will also psychologically project who they are consistently which is also commonly known as Full Democrat Retard. It is not possible for follower to actually be conscious since they have NO intelligence. A follower will also perceive that I am an angry person for writing this while I am quite calm, since they are all offended by someone who is capable of tying their shoes by themselves.

Satanic death cult KKK slavery demonrats are unconscious morally depraved gullible morons!

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