Sunlight Derangement Syndrome: The plague that affects conspiracy globberyists worldwide!

Sunlight Derangement Syndrome is a debilitating disease affecting billions worldwide as it is the ignorance of evidence right before someone’s very eyes.  Obviously many conspiracy globberyists take solace in the corner of the basement to avoid all reality that the earth is FLAT with a firmament or dome as confirmed in the bible.  Obviously the sun causes this confusion creating such a psychological delusions to ignore any semblance of reality it renders the individual afflicted with this disease to a complete zombie state of denial that will cause them to personally attack someone with a functioning brain by calling them exactly what they themselves are, stupid.

Sunlight derangement syndrome is similar Einstein RETARDED syndrome! It is enhanced narcissism rendering the arrogant moron a sycophant!

Conspiracy globberyists obviously all live in Plato’s Cave, so this is very understandable as their eyes are only used to shadows on the wall of puppets from a fire behind it.  Obviously not very bright like the outside which they are too afraid to venture out since they like the chains attached to their minds.  The chains have been there their wholes lives so it would feel odd not to have them attached.  It is extremely scary to have a free mind to be able to discern FACT from fiction, and the delusions erased as true reality is very scary to cave dwellers worldwide.

Plato’s Cave sure as hell is NOT fiction!

Sunlight derangement syndrome causes a complete denial of all truth no matter how blatant it is!  A list of these truths is immense since the masses are programmed with all LIES!  It is not just the denial that the earth is obviously FLAT, but this disease is pervasive in everything so the propaganda media can actually program the masses with LIES by repeating them over and over again.  If a person is not exposed to the sunlight ever by living in Plato’s Cave, this is all they will every know!

Everything is a LIE! Turn off your TV!

As is stated by the term government which literally means to control the mind, governments worldwide are perpetuating myths and LIES like conspiracy globbery to control the masses.  Free mason extortion fraud NASA means to deceive in hebrew and that is just another FACT that is ignored!

NASA is a cartoon CGI show of nonsense!

Another part of the Sunlight Derangement Syndrome is the ignorance of the simple FACT that blatantly RACIST prideful BIGOTED KKK slavery demonrats are not conscious in the least and walking zombies. While these extremist deplorable sycophants have been euthanized via the Rockefeller death shot that the selected idiots willingly had injected into them, the poisoned lepers will still be mindlessly walking the FLAT earth until the death shot disposes of them.  The gullible unconscious morons will not be with us much longer as the depopulation event has obviously been celebrated by the destruction of the Georgia Guidestones.

I wonder why they didn’t say we will try to murder 7 billion people? The schizophrenic psychopaths know how to make evil sound good don’t they? I wonder if the subversive LYING RACIST supremacist narcissistic inferiority complex ashkeNAZI yids have something to do with this? Or the satanic vatican maybe? Evil is everywhere whether you like it or not!

Since the masses live in Plato’s Cave, sunlight derangement syndrome is immense as they simply do not think.  Orwell summed it up quite nicely in his book 1984.

“All the beliefs, habits, tastes, emotions, mental attitudes that characterize our time are really designed to sustain the mystique of the Party and prevent the true nature of present day society from being perceived.  Physical rebellion, or any preliminary move toward rebellion, is at present not possible.  From the Proletarians nothing is to be feared.  Left to themselves, they will continue from generation to generation and from century to century, working, breeding, and dying, not only without any impulse to rebel, but without the power of grasping that the world could be other than it is.”

“What opinions the masses hold or do not hold, is looked on as a matter of indifference.  They can be granted intellectual liberty because they have no intellect.”

Sunlight derangement syndrome stops people from seeing that water is FLAT! It sure is effective I assure you! This is a great way so the chains on the minds are not disturbed!
Sunlight is so dangerous to the chains on the mind!

Plato’s Cave is very real.  This is why the truth I write and speak causes significant consternation. What I write upends the upside down clown world as I lay out true reality backed up by Socratic logic.

People do not like the truth much do they? Ask me if I care! LOL!!

Sunlight derangement syndrome is narcissism, the ego, or whatever you really want to call it, as it inverts the reality of the mind so the masses believe the opposite of the truth while ignoring simple and obvious basic FACTS! 

The government even admitting everything is a LIE? I hope the sunlight doesn’t reveal this! Conspiracy globberyists will go berzerk!

Reality is merely a distant illusion for the masses.  It has always been this way!

The masses are easily manipulated unfortunately, and unlike what Socrates/Plato wanted or described as a philosopher king to help the masses, instead we have satanic bankster pedophiles. This is quite a large problem.
I assure you this did not happen as America is completely a perverted version of Plato’s Republic.

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    • Well, in the meantime I will continue to be attacked for telling the simple and obvious truth. I should not be able to intellectually run over people like I do. People most certainly have been dumbed down beyond belief.

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