Narcissism: The I believe I am right disease!

This is the Matrix and why everything is completely inverted.  A prideful BIGOT will not question anything especially their own programmed beliefs. You see this with every mentally deranged morally repugnant comatose KKK slavery demonrats as they truly are not alive.

Every comatose KKK slavery lefty is a narcissistic mental invalid who lives completely in the intellectual children’s pool! Nothing is shallow enough!

The Matrix is all around you every day and it is this narcissism that permeates our society due to all the mind control.  A friend related a story about how he pulled out of the driveway and promptly had a driver speedily come up from behind him and totally tailgate him so he tapped on his brakes to try and get him to back off which is the right thing to do.  He saw this guy throw up his hands in disgust as he was in a rage because he was a narcissistic asshole who thought he was right!  My friend then pulled into a gas station and this guy followed in a possible act of road rage.  My buddy stood his ground and rightly so as this lunatic started cussing at him believing he was right, but he was clearly wrong and selfish in his behavior.  The guy soon left and as he was leaving he shouted swearing epithets of nonsense being the emotional angry asshole that he was.  He thought he was right and most assuredly he was wrong as hell!  It is always important to stand your ground with these morons and NEVER back down.

They do tell you the truth in the propaganda movies! They Live is a documentary to it all!

This is a micosm of what the Matrix is as you had one guy who was an emotional narcissistic prick who it was impossible to have any reasonable conversation with.  The reality is if a person tries to talk to a comatose KKK slavery demonrat about anything it is all completely in the Matrix since they are just a simpleton software program, no matter how small a detail you can trigger their fragile ego.  At least the Rockefeller death shot will put the narcissistic TRASH out of their miserable existence.

KKK slavery lefties have selected themselves to be euthanized! This is a FACT!

This is exactly why I do not let any psychologically projecting RACIST HATEFUL intolerant prideful BIGOTED KKK slavery demonrat regurgitate their programming in my presence anymore. If I get in any conversation with a lefty I literally have to stay in the intellectual children’s pool to not trigger the mental invalid.  I have learned long ago not to back down to a comatose lefty EVER and they all try and tell me I cannot say that like how the proles censored the proles in Orwell’s 1984.  Sorry, I will tell the unrequited truth wherever I go and that will not stop as God is on my side.

I like the NPC meme for comatose KKK slavery lefties since it is so very true!

We are truly in a spiritual battle and God has started this battle by getting narcissistic gullible moron satanic death cult RACIST HATEFUL intolerant prideful BIGOTED KKK slavery demonrats to euthanize themselves via the Rockefeller death shot.  As the comatose rude and offensive KKK slavery demonrat TRASH dies off from the lethal injection they so willingly took, life will improve for those who are living still.  I approve of God’s decision and applaud it!

Rude and offensive narcissistic comatose KKK slavery lefties are just TRASH! There is a very good reason why the gullible morons are not allowed to regurgitate their programming in my presence! I am done with them!

We obviously still have the ugly smelly narcissistic genetically deformed egotistically RETARDED sub human parasitical ashkeNAZI yid maggots to deal with as the useless eaters still have plenty of control that is obviously starting to wane as people are waking up in droves to the schizophrenic psychopathic faulty inbreds.  The HATE and BIGOTRY projecting from the RACIST supremacist ashkeNAZI via the operation mockingbird propaganda msm bullshit is losing more and more everyday.  I spoke to a truck driver yesterday and we had a good laugh about the holohoax!  Oy Vey!  Anything that comes out of the mouth of a narcissitic ashkeNAZI yid is a subversive LIE as their father is the devil for sure.  It truly is amazing how Stockholm syndrome works and many Racist supremacists there are defending narcissistic mental midget ashkeNAZI yids.

You will know the narcissistic subversive LYING parasites by their deeds!

The mind control inverts the thinking of the mind so people will believe the opposite of the truth.  Comatose KKK slavery demonrats have that software line that says “I am very intelligent” and they are programmed to believe they are liberal which means open minded yet are the anti-thesis being closed minded prideful BIGOTS!  I can explain this over and over again but it is very hard for someone in a Trance to understand it.  I see the inversion constantly as a FLAT earther as I get called an idiot for simply looking at observable FACTS! Conspiracy globbery is such absurd nonsense.

Satanic pedophiles run the government! Don’t be a conspiracy theorist and believe any of their bullshit!

All the programming of the sub conscious mind is all blatant LIES and it is the narcissism which keeps these LIES in place.  The “I believe I am right disease” is pervasive in all of our everyday lives as this is the Matrix and it is all around you.  The Red Pill part in the movie Matrix is 100% correct as it describes it perfectly.  The satanic creed is that they must tell you what they are doing so you willing accept their deception.  You must approve your own willingness to euthanize yourself with the Rockefeller death shot as they don’t have people with guns herding the gullible masses do they? 

You must figure out the Matrix yourself, as I cannot do that for you! But this little clip is entirely the truth!

The depopulation agenda of billions of people over the next few years is mainly complete and the inferior narcissistic useless eating bankster TRASH probably blew up the Georgia Guidestones to celebrate their success of the plan.  That is obviously just a guess from me but it seems like something the faulty inbreds would do.

This may be gone but it served its purpose! Did they not state their intentions very clearly that they want to depopulate the planet? Yes they did but they know people do not listen! Because why? NARCISSISM!

Narcissism is the problem because it stops people from questioning and even looking at information that might be contrary to their beliefs.  Thus they must ridicule to protect their own fragile ego and their programmed nonsensical beliefs.  Narcissism which is a being a selfish BIGOT is the Matrix and it is not going away anytime soon.  Just a lot of people will be gone soon and that is a FACT!

Don’t believe me? I already know that as it is the same reason Jesus knew Peter would deny him beforehand. Same logical principal entirely! The ego is very logical in its actions, but has no logic itself!
Narcissism which all the brainwashing creates does not question. This is a problem!

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