Pride goes before destruction!

Pride is simply a synonym for retardation.  It is that simple. If you are self centered and have pride in your beliefs no matter what it is, you believe a LIE!

Did your pride stop you from looking at the ingredients in the Rockefeller death shot? Uh oh! You are dead because of your pride!

Is it the belief in modern medicine that is your issue?  Organized religion?  Do you still believe the absurd nonsense of conspiracy globbery?  How about the Racist supremacist propaganda bullshit media?  How about Greta Humbug and climate change nonsense?  Innocent baby murdering slothful KKK slavery democrats having a functioning brain? Believing an ashkeNAZI yid?

Gosh, prideful Rockefeller big pharma medicine trained Doctors! The programmed RETARDS are now protected from the scamdemic covid because once you are dead you can no longer get sick! See how that works? Pride goes before destruction proof!

No matter what absurd belief you are holding onto it is because of your pride, and it is that what has made you retarded. 

I have been telling people all vaccines are poison and have had my life threatened for it! At least I know those people are going to DIE! Karma is quite a bitch!!
The deaths are just starting from the Rockefeller death shot. You cannot undo the poison and even in cemetaries they are getting MAC addresses up on their computers.

Morally repugnant putrid vulgar comatose RACIST Hateful intolerant prideful BIGOTED KKK slavery demonrats are all repulsive unconscious vomit which is similar to the ugly smelly inferior genetically deformed egotistically RETARDED sub human beast ashkeNAZI yid vermin, the scatological diseased sludge.  This is a factual description and not an insult whatsoever!

Trumps sucks obviously, but this just shows how incredibly repulsive prideful BIGOTED RACIST KKK slavery demonrats are! Lefties are simply comatose and at least they willingly euthanized themselves!

God simply just will euthanize you for your prideful beliefs.  He is correct. Brainwashed RETARDED KKK slavery demonrat TRASH is so repulsive at this point that they cannot be saved and the simple FACT they willingly euthanized by the Rockefeller death shot is quite appropriate.  The faster diseased puke lefties die the better.  Hopefully we can eradicate the extremist deplorable HATE speech of calling closed minded diseased puke cultural lefty TRASH liberal as it is extremely offensive and rude!

Lefties are NOT alive!

The subversive LYING parasitical useless eating vomit that runs the bullshit propaganda media sewage are all sub human beast maggots and inferior effluent. God is most certainly warming up the fiery pit for this filth. joo is just a fancy word for a RETARDED urinal as the miscreants are NOT real joos nor are the Khazarian ashkeNAZI even semitic, just simpleton narcissistic parasites, as it is unfortunate that Hitler did not dispose of the NAZI trash!

The RACIST supremacist sub human inferior beasts control the subversive LYING disgusting media vomit! All of it is a LIE!!

I obviously would like to show love and kindness as an open minded liberal, but it is important the extremist deplorable Racism and HATE from unconscious zombie lefty vomit does precludes being passive. RACIST domestic terrorist pedophile HATE groups like antifa, BLM, ADL or SPLC require action. Words must be used to neutralize this zombie TRASH. Waking the unconscious vomit is at this point literally impossible.  I like Hitler did not start the war, the sub human beast maggots ashkeNAZI yid sewage did. After many of the useful idiot leftist scum dies from the Rockefeller death shot things are going to be quite a bit different and obviously better since a dead KKK slavery demonrat is a dead prideful BIGOTED Racist!

Why doesn’t the inferior slothful TRASH just kill themselves then? What a disgusting filthy low life scum race!

The fucking absurdities are immense as the masses are walking zombies.  This is a great reset and I think God has a plan to reset it correctly!  Goodbye and good riddance sub human beast ashkeNAZI yids!

This is more than obvious at this point!

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