Finally common sense voter ID laws!

Proposed new legislation that all RACIST HATE spewing KKK slavery democrats present a certificate of incompetence and mental insanity is the proper action needed in these challenging and unprecedented times.

Please show you care and help all mentally deranged KKK slavery demonrats make the right choice to put themselves out of their hateful misery. It is the compassionate of kindness to do this!!

As an open minded liberal like myself, I know KKK slavery democrats are not alive and devoid of any thought whatsoever, so really how would they know right?  The answer is of course they would not.

Soon the ministry of truth will be cracking down on HATE speech! Make sure you don’t get in trouble by calling mentally deranged KKK slavery demonrats liberal or you could get into big trouble!!

As part of the continuing zombie apocalypse not fit for TV movie, but may be fitting for a Dawn of the dead sequel, this common sense legislation is a must.

And you think I am being facetious?

The continuous nonsensical programmed regurgitations spewing from a comatose lefties mouth consistently and furious froth is obviously proof they are an NPC. The continuous dystopian nightmare lefties have by being unsure of their gender is an obvious distraction from fluidity of their specious blither.

Satanic blood human sacrifices are an ashkeNAZI yid value! Please support their right so they avoid a repulsive RETARDED pedophile rabbi from sucking their dick so they get herpes! Do this because you care!!

Obviously this may not be needed since comatose prideful BIGOTS willingly euthanized themselves with the Rockefeller death shot, but at least this safeguards common sense and a reasonable approach to this dystopian nightmare we are currently in!

The idiots selected themselves! The zombie apocalypse is real!!

I write this because I care!!

The culling of the masses will continue until morale improves!!

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