Is the government going to go after fictitious violent tooth fairy’s also?

The most recent false flag shooting done by a comatose programmed RETARDED lefty who dressed up in a full bio hazard suit to go to school because he actually must have believed the propaganda msm which in itself is a complete absurdity at this point, and most likely an ashkeNAZI yid, the subversive LYING parasites are taking steps to attack another fictitious character called the “white supremacist.”

They all are yids and programmable RETARDED lefties! Every single one of the false flag pedowood productions!

If you have to manufacture this fictitious character thru a false flag shooting, can never interview someone who calls himself a “white supremacist”, it is a very good chance this fictitious character does not exist.  As an open minded liberal like myself I assure if you believe ones exists, I will not hesitate to call you a gullible moron and retarded to your face.

I found the white supremacist along side an obvious brave women with a dick! How does anyone believe this shit?

Diversity is a certain small narcissistic RETARDED segment of the population’s strength, but certainly not white people who the racism is directed towards. If someone still not see the psychological warfare coming from both sides of the false left vs. right paradigm, wake the fuck up!

I fully support diversity for the RACIST terrorist supremacist synagogue of satan ItsaHELL who attacked America on 911 or the narcissistic mental invalids will not survive! I say this because I care!!

It’s fucking ludicrous! The operation mockingbird media projecting LIES are absurd nonsense yet plenty of zombies are brainwashed by this TV “programming.”  It is just a puppet show!

Having a TV is like having an ashkeNAZI yid masturbate in your living room everyday! It’s brainwashing whether you like it or not! Shut it off!

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  1. Yeah I watched the video right after it happened and knew it was fake. When he shot that nigger at point blank in the top of her head and it didn’t pop I knew it was fake. Just a puff of air…..

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    • But the zombies believe it is a white guy and a righty right? Righty’s cannot be programmed that way, but comatose lefties I could probably do myself. As usual a schizo yid as they are very programmable. The opposite of what the yid propaganda media says as usual!!


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