Why all false flag shooters are programmable narcissistic KKK slavery democrats!

Since all we have to do is invert everything the propaganda media says for the truth, it is very easy to figure this out. Well, at least for me that is.

Whatever you are told on the propaganda ashkeNAZI yid operation mockingbird media, the opposite is always true!

Obviously I will provide in the post the logical reasons why this is so and why it cannot actually be a righty at all!

Destroying the masses intelligence thru the public indoctrination centers falsely called schools produces easily manipulated slaves who are gullible. This is why the media is a pure psychological warfare and it must be turned off if one is to ever think again. Throw your TV “programming” out!!

The modus operandi of the satanic media is pure psychological projection which is the subversive LIARS are guilty of what they accuseth. This unfortunately works because of the mind control of the ego which ignores FACTS and is programmable thru repletion entirely.  I obviously do not ignore a single FACT and this is why I trigger agent smith who is offended by the truth backed up by FACTS because it disagrees with their programmed opinion. I obviously repeat this often because it is how the Matrix works.

Do you notice the satanic star of remphan 666 next to the propaganda pushers? It shows who the projecting narcissistic RACIST supremacists are! Chutzpah is pure arrogant RETARDATION! The most schizophrenic inferiority complex dumbest race on the FLAT earth as the inbreds simply are incapable of telling the truth. I wonder what incorrigible LYING tribe of people Jesus was talking about? Sorry, they are not even semetic!

A comatose mentally deranged KKK slavery democrat is the pure ego example so they have NO intelligence whatsoever and the RACIST intolerant BIGOTS as guilty of what they accuseth entirely.  Lefties simply are NPCs as evidenced by the FACT that they are completely insane at this point.  The controllers obviously know this and manipulate the zombies to do their evil deeds to further their agenda.  Since they are controlled by pure HATE it is easy to get them to do a very HATEFUL act.  Since they can get them to do a disgusting blood human sacrifice on innocent children, no act after that is out of the question.

KKK slavery demonrats programming is based on pure HATE with the illusion of being kind. Comatose lefties obviously couldn’t comprehend a FACT if you shoved it up their ass as the extremist deplorable sycophant HATE, selfishness, and slothfulness to want to do a satanic blood human sacrifice on innocent babies is quite a FACT to ignore! Only if you are completely unconscious can you ignore this and the programmable entities are!! Lefties are all HATEFUL intolerant BIGOTS which is a FACT!

A righty while in a significant trance which is produced by their conscious mind who knows the difference between right and wrong combatting the programming of the sub conscious mind is in a state of confusion, and if they tried to program a righty to do a false flag shooting they would simply get lost on the way there. While a lefty is a plug and play, a righty simply can really only be manipulated to a certain degree, as they have the intuition to recognize something that would do harm.  The controllers just would not take the risk of as they could get found out.

Plagued by confused Orwellian Doublethink, a Republican is merely a docile entity to make the illusion of opposition. They cannot be programmed to do a false flag shooting and make good complicit slaves that believe they are doing the right thing, and don’t realize they lose every battle they face. That is a pesky FACT they will not acknowledge because of their pride. Pride is very deadly and goes before destruction! I think the bible even talks about this! LOL!!

A comatose lefty can be programmed to do the false flag shooting task and to not remember any of the programming so they will not be a rat and cause trouble.  This is exactly why a comatose programmable lefty is a perfect specimen to carry out any terrorist attack.

All false flag shootings are done by comatose KKK slavery lefties. Rightys are simply not programmable to do these orchestrated events and they know that. But the subversive LYING yids will blame them all on far right extremists and obviously the white guy! I assure you an open minded liberal like myself knows the difference between right and wrong, and give you a Socratic reasoned response for every word I speak or write. It’s why people are so confused by reading what I write! Quite a conundrum for sure!

Another aspect is they always use schizophrenic psychopathic ashkeNAZI yids as due to all their inbreeding has caused significant polluted DNA producing this sub human beast aspect.  The demons sacrifice some of their own retards to achieve their goals.  No white people have been shooters, as it has all been ashkeNAZI yids.  This is the opposite of what the ashkeNAZI propaganda media, and they can do this because the yids obviously appear white right?  No white guy has done a mass shooting period! Obviously the subversive LYING egotistically RETARDED parasitical yids made up the fictitious term “white supremacist.”

All of your mass shooters? All of them are ashkeNAZI yids but the propaganda media calls them white! Just because they look white doesn’t stop their schizophrenia. There is something seriously WRONG with this whole race. An immense inferiority complex and jealousy of white people is the inversion we are most certainly in!

Lefties are sycophants and purely a software program with no ability to distinguish between right and wrong, as the zombies are easily controlled.  If I can make the unconscious morons attack each other, obviously those who programmed them know the procedures implicitly. I have done it numerous times to see how it works.

This is the unfortunate reality. They do not have a functioning brain. A software program only that has a line in it that says “I am very intelligent.” I have glitched many a lefties programming and their head jerks when I do this. It is simply best for me to avoid lefty mutes because they cannot be saved.

How to play the game of Democrat!

This game can be played to amuse all ages, and is really a quite simple game to play.

Items needed to play this game? 2 comatose KKK slavery Democrats

Since all KKK slavery Democrats are programmed the same all you need are the current programming words that are being said in the ashkeNAZI supremacist propaganda main stream media. Words such as abuse of women, Racist and Bigot are popular words used by the subversive LYING parasites and can be manipulated so these KKK slavery Democrats will actually attack each other, which will be hilarious and entertaining to say the least!

Since all KKK slavery Democrats are merely a software program, all you need to do is invert the words that are already programmed into them for full effect.  After this has been done, the zombies will show you some fireworks and emotional blither that will be completely irrational and nonsensical.  It is fun for the whole family!

Play KKK slavery Democrat today!  Be prepared to laugh like never before!

Look at the extremist HATE from this horse! The easily manipulated NPCs are programmed with pure HATE with the illusion of doing what is right. Women are extremely easy to manipulate because they are emotional based and simply not thinkers. God did not design them to think, but to be nurturers. Women would be much happier if they did not vote. Not to say some women are not capable of thinking, but the intelligent ones agree with me that women should not vote due to their overall emotional nature and intellectual deficiencies. How many women are comatose KKK slavery lefties tells you they should not vote EVER!

Our public indoctrination centers goal is to produce good mind controlled slaves like all KKK slavery democrats, and obviously plenty of people have the fortitude to resist the highly sophisticated MK Ultra techniques being employed, but nobody comes out unscathed.  Thru all the books written backwards and a constant barrage of LIES, everyone is affected.  A reward for being a good slave is good grades plus you will fit in with all the other slaves where you will not offend all the other slaves by thinking. 

Pink Floyd understood that schools destroy intelligence. Our current public indoctrination system should be avoided at all costs. When I graduated from college I remember thinking well that was a crock of shit, but I could not quantify why. I remember reading Plato’s Republic in college but I did not comprehend it. Reading it again now quite a few years ago and it was clear it was NOT fiction. However, they inverted what it was meant to portray, as they control the masses by their ego!

Thinking is offensive to the slaves and will be attacked by agent smith repeatedly!  You can find rude and obnoxious braindead lefties going berserk on every campus because RACIST bigots are trained to attack and since they are intellectually incapable of debate, the mentally deranged useful idiots will throw a hizzy fit to try and silence you. The gullible morons have taken the Rockefeller death shot willingly to euthanize themselves, and as an anti-Racist myself, I approve of the RACISTs ending their miserable prideful BIGOTED lives!

Out of all the poisons they push on the masses, flouride in the water is probably the biggest factor to making people stupid. That is why they put it into the water as it is a pure neuro toxin. Total industrial waste and they put it in the water. Such nice people!

If the simple logical truth I state is offensive, as usual, that is your erroneous programming.  That is not my problem!!

Nobody likes the truth since it does not confirm their comfortable LIES they have been programmed with their whole life, but I say it anyway. As an open minded liberal, I obviously love a good debate! Just wish someone could!

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