What is the Socratic Method?

Socrates was a very brilliant man whose quest it was to wake up the masses as he saw how they were being manipulated by the forces of darkness.  This same scenario is clearly going on today since the world is being run by satanic pedophiles completely.  These child sacrificing narcissistic retards obviously worship Molech and show this on their flag by the star of remphan 666.  Everything is in plain sight but you must be awake to see them.

666 anyone? Everything is plain site? See who you cannot criticize, that is who controls you!

The dark forces that control the world today do not want anyone to have Socratic logic so they can control you and make you good slaves.  They do this thru extensive mind control controlling the human ego which inverts the perception of reality while being programmable thru repetition of LIES.  As in the hallmark of the Brave New World, our current public brain damaging centers falsely called schools are designed to destroy thinking so simple FACTS are ignored.

I obviously repeat this because it is the hallmark of the Brave New World to ignore facts. Absent the ability to question things which is the essence of the Socratic method you will remain in Plato’s Cave or the Matrix, whatever you want to call it!

Thus, the inverted system we are in is designed to have the masses believe in “authority figures” like google as their source so they will arrogantly regurgitate what they tell them, while not having slightest clue of what it actually is. The true essence of the Socratic Method is the ability to distinguish the difference between arrogance and confidence, as that is actually what the Socratic method is is because arrogance will never question anything, but confidence will even question the questions.

The fundamental essence of the Socratic method is embodied in this statement. Socratic dialogues are a set of questions that brings up more questions that ultimately bring higher consciousness. Questioning your own beliefs requires humility which is what God wants you to be. This process produces wisdom.

The true essence of the Socratic Method is the ability to distinguish the difference between arrogance and confidence, as that is actually what the Socratic method is is because arrogance will never question anything, but confidence will even question the questions.

Wikipedia Socratic Method:

The Socratic method (also known as method of Elenchuselenctic method, or Socratic debate) is a form of cooperative argumentative dialogue between individuals, based on asking and answering questions to stimulate critical thinking and to draw out ideas and underlying presuppositions. It is named after the Classical Greek philosopher Socrates and is introduced by him in Plato‘s Theaetetus as midwifery (maieutics) because it is employed to bring out definitions implicit in the interlocutors’ beliefs, or to help them further their understanding.

The Socratic method is a method of hypothesis elimination, in that better hypotheses are found by steadily identifying and eliminating those that lead to contradictions.

Wikipedia’s description is a completely flaccid description of what it actually is, as a programmed lefty will feel good being able to regurgitate this while at the same time being intellectually incapable of actually questioning their own beliefs, and this applies to the vast majority of righty’s also.  While purporting to describe what it is, it is merely a deflection from the truth.  If and only if you employ the Socratic method of logic will you question this description.  Thus, a repudiation is a must as this whole explanation is really a pacifier to stop people from actually attaining this process.  Like everything else, unless you actually read Socratic dialogues themselves, and humble yourself at the same time by erasing any preconceived notions of what the Socratic method actually is, you will not acquire it in the least.

If you don’t erase everything you believe of what they Socratic method is, you will never actually attain it. This is a very important aspect to the whole system. Our whole beast system is designed to erase logic, so you must erase this programming to proceed. This is really the hardest part to unlearn and realize you know nothing.

The Socratic method is needed for the differentiation of FACT from fiction, and if it has been denuded thru propaganda or public indoctrination centers, it will keep the a person from the truth entirely, since what is programmed into children at an early age before they have matured to be able to have Socratic logic are all LIES.  This programming is designed to keep the masses locked into the Matrix so they will regurgitate their programming without thinking.

Socrates was right when he stated virtue cannot be taught, as it must be attained on an individual basis. Thus, he is stating that it is on an individual basis and cannot be attained thru a teacher which is correct. He knew you cannot think for someone else, and all he was trying to do is to get people to think. For doing this he was accused by the corrupt controllers of corrupting the youth, as the arrogant controllers merely were projecting of what they are guilty. Even though his defense was spectacular, a philosopher will not win a jury trial, because the masses simply are not very smart and easily manipulated by LIARS.

A fool will regurgitate their programming arrogantly and emotionally while insulting the intelligence of a wise man, while a wise man will remain fairly quiet and introspective while handing rope to the fool so they can hang themselves.  A fool will react and blurt things out quickly, while a wise man takes his time formulating a reasoned response, and this is not in the least emotional.

Socrates understood that those who should rule are those who don’t want to rule because they would be fair and reasonable, as they cannot be corrupted by money, sex, etc. Those that should not rule which obviously do today as easily corruptible by such things as pedophilia, money, sex etc, so they can be easily manipulated to do anything their satanic masters tell them to do. This is why we are in the beast inverted unfair injustice system today. What Plato and Socrates envisioned as proper is the exact opposite of our world today.

The human ego is emotional and retarded and produces the fool, where the belief of complete LIES rule their world. Just because you believe something is true does not make it true, and if you are unwilling to question your own beliefs, you are simply a fool.  The masses are obviously controlled by their own vanity in the form of materialism, sex, drugs etc as this is a hollow short lived pursuit.  It is the treadmill of slavery in reality feeding the current beast system we live in.

The Socratic method will detect the ego, and while it was not called this during his time, this is exactly what Socrates is talking about. The corrupt controllers knew how to manipulate the simplistic ego of the masses for control which is no different to what Jesus is pointing out in his parables, or proverbs, or many philosophers. If a persons ego is not in check, they will easily believe the LIES and reject the truth.

A person who can employ the Socratic method of logic knows exactly what the Matrix is, but like the Matrix itself it has to be attained internally.  It is like understanding what the ego is as it really cannot be explained, you have to figure out it yourself.  Socratic logic is actually thinking instead of reacting, and you must endure sustained thought to figure it out to attain it, and unless you want to acquire it, you won’t.

Organized religion is a control mechanism for the masses as it trains people to believe a man instead of the bible itself. Just as Martin Luther would be appalled by the current Lutheran religion that bears his name, it is a great place to build pride or bigotry in ones beliefs which is the opposite of being humble as stated in the bible which is what produces wisdom. Just another aspect to the inversion we are in.

There is a reason this is taught as this wisdom is clearly using Socratic logic. The programmed prideful supposed Christian unfortunately will regard this as heresy which it is anything but, as it is merely comparing simple hypotheses. Most purported Christians are this way as they are adamant they are right which is prideful, and most Churches were administering the Rockefeller death shots to their members because they trusted satanic authority figures instead of using the Socratic method to reject the poison. Satan is very good as he has deceived the world!
I see so many Christians who will refuse to read anything but the bible and that in itself is prideful but has the illusion of being right. But if you do not seek knowledge and question your beliefs, you are rejecting knowledge. This is a huge conundrum that affects the mass of supposed Christians, as most are actually worshiping satan but do not realize it.
The bible clearly states the earth is flat with a firmament which is easily observable. All false religions are exposed by the lies, and even this one LIE itself exposes a false religion as the bible states. This is just another FACT that is ignored so prevalent in our Brave New World we live in today.

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