How did ashkeNAZI yid fake joos become so RETARDED?

My truth obviously triggers the Matrix’s programming, as I tell the truth which is always going to be the opposite of the programming.  The brainwashing in the propaganda media obviously tells us that the yids are the smartest race and have an average IQ of 115 right? Yet if you look at the average IQ in the synagogue of satan ItsaHELL who attacked America on 911, the average IQ is 95.  Further in the factor that IQ is a memorization quotient for how well you can be brainwashed and not intelligence, the lie that this race is intelligent is completely absurd.  The vast majority of them in America are mentally deranged repulsive RACIST BIGOTED KKK slavery demonrat TRASH further destroys this absurd LIE!!

The truth is offensive you know!!

The ashkeNAZI yid is merely the master LIAR and extremely good at psychological projection as Jesus described the incorrigible mental midgets well in John 8:44.  They are the only race to have their their diseased condition outlined by the word Chutzpah which is arrogant RETARDATION. 

The FACTS are blatant with the propaganda media, pedowood and the porn industry run by these useless eaters, as the retards are inclined towards cultural swine which is a cancer on any civilized society.  The ugly smelly inferiority complex race is putrid vulgar filth as the fragile egos of the intellectually deficient accursed morons by any simple truth told. The parasites simply do not belong in any civilized society as the only use they have is as a urinal. Most of them become Doctors and Lawyers who are programmed morons feeding the beast system.

The parasites are NOT real joos!

Obviously this the inversion of what has been programmed into the masses and triggers the stockhom syndrome, as we know from what Voltaire said, see who you cannot criticize, that is who controls you.

The truth simply does not give a shit about your feelings and this subversive LYING parasitical sub human beast deserves not only to be severely derided and mocked, but as has been done 1030 times before, thrown out of every country they reside in.  Jesus, Hitler and Martin Luther all told the truth about these accursed incorrigible retards, which is exactly how Martin Luther described the mongrels. 

Don’t critisize the subversive LIARS who control your mind and are blatantly killing people like usual with the Rockefeller death shot, the arrogant retards fragile egos will be triggered!

In Martin Luther’s pamphlet he described their arrogance where they boast they are God’s chosen and are circumcised, which for the cultural swine is a repulsive RETARDED rabbi inflicting lifelong trauma on the baby by sucking it’s dick. Obviously rabbis are disgustingly sick as they are idolatrous TRASH serving their master lucifier. The bible talks about circumcising the heart which is really contrition to God, not the physical act of mutilating the penis which is exactly what it is.  Just another part of the inversion.

The ashkeNAZI yids who are part of the Khazarian mafia who were based in the current Ukraine area were know as name stealers so they could rob and murder people. Things obviously have not changed for RETARDS has it?  They are NOT semitic and converted in the 8th century so obviously not related to the joos in the bible in the least.  The subversive LIARS are chosen alright, as satan loves the easily manipulated programmed filth.

Martin Luther who would be appalled by the church that bears his name, excoriates the ashkeNAZI yids with the simple reasoned truth. He did erred as he believed the Khazarians were real joos, but his description of them is spot on!

Whether it be where they were segregated from civilized countries because of LYING, murdering or general morally depraved behavior, the inbreeding of this race has cause significant psychological damage in the form of schizophrenia and extremist psychopaths. It appears this whole race has been affected as the faulty inbreds are just stupid while lacking any discernment for decency and decorum.

The jealousy of white people by these mongrels is immense, and that is why they continuously do the inversion by calling whites superior.  I would obviously never say that myself as an open minded liberal, but I do accept the compliment.  I even offer inferiority complex counseling for the jealous mental midgets, but obviously I can’t do much about their ugliness and smelly.

Hitler was a brilliant extremely compassionate man and obviously very intelligent. The incorrigible mental midgets he described perfectly like Jesus and Martin Luther. The yids simply are stupid!

As I figured everything wrong in the world, it was clear everything stems from this useless eating inferior psychopathic race of mental midgets.  I didn’t go looking for them mind you, but when you know the yids did slavery in America, obviously the racist terrorist synagogue of satan ItsaHELL attacked America on 911, and the holohoax needs to be shoved up the ass along with some matso balls up the ass of these subversive LYING parasite.

I assure you, the only way a person can LIE constantly and continually is if they are simply RETARDED.  And they are the dumbest race on the planet.  And people say how can they be dumb and run the world?  They do that by LYING persistently, as if they didn’t they would starve.  If an ashkeNAZI yids lips are moving, it is a LIE.

Some matso balls and the holohoax LIE needs to be shoved up the ass of every parasitical yid! I can’t imagine what God is going to do to them! I hope the mongrels like heat is all I can say!

The mongrels don’t like the bible because it obviously tells the truth about them and they obviously lose as they should. Yet the irascible pieces of trash will keep trying to destroy not only our world, but theirs also.  How fucking stupid is that?

God’s chosen my ass, as the parasites are merely shat out of Satan’s anus, and the irrefutable truth is they are headed straight for the fiery pit or Sulfur lake as described in Revelations.  Any reasonable analysis will come to this conclusion, and obviously it is not me who is control.  I just tell the uncomfortable truth that triggers all the programmed egos.

A typical picture of the arrogant retards with the big nose and empty cavity of a brain. If a repulsive RETARDED rabbi sees that he obviously starts the sucking sound!

It doesn’t matter if they kill me which like I get for even being against their poison vaccine shots, it is not I who make the rules and neither do they as they have been deceived more than anything.  They obviously even kill their own if they can find advantages.

The few control the many, and the masses are not very smart.  This has only gotten worse with our public brain damaging centers producing insane narcissistic KKK slavery lefty zombies. They have obviously euthanized most useful idiot lefties with the Rockefeller death shot.  Are they not the walking dead anyway?

A 47 year old at my local hardware store just died of an aneurysm. Just a few months after one of his Rockefeller death shots. CNN said it is not related so it must be true right? Dots are really hard to connect you know!

I am but 1 guy is who is telling the truth and exposing all the mendacious LIES.  I have been censored, shadow banned, and who knows what others things they have tried on me. The truth will set you free which it has so I continue to tell the truth.  My words are so hurty in our Brave New World yet murder of innocent babies at the KKK Planned Parenthood clinics which is just pure satanic scum?  Please!!

Well, we are obviously here! Frankly I need a beer!

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