Vegetable Biden memes!

With the Orwellian Ministry of Truth being formed, it is obviously time for displaying memes by the illustrious vegetable actor who is playing the part in the puppet show as President currently.  I really don’t think this new division will be going after the heinous mendacious LIE of calling narcissistic KKK slavery democrats liberal will they? If a person is comatose it is completely impossible to be open minded, and obviously zombified polluted thumb drive lefties are the anti-thesis of a liberal.  Severe dementia pedophile Biden does a fine of the walking dead lefties, so memes about him give us a good example of just how comatose you have to be to be a lefty nowadays.

RACIST comatose KKK slavery demonrat BIDEN is just repulsive TRASH!

Aldous Huxley stated a while back that “You will know the truth, and the truth shall make you mad.” When a person realizes just how perfect the world should be and exactly how dystopian and inverted it really is, it tends to cause frustration.  My days are spent trying to calculate just how much truth I can tell to a person before they attack me.  I wore my T-Shirt where I have a picture of Evil Bill Gates holding a syringe and it states “Guns don’t kill people, Poison Vaccines kill people.” 2 people commented on it and only the people who are a little awake will, and they are all searching for answers.  The literally eat up the truths I tell them.  But the vast majorities’ minds simply cannot even see it. I get quite a few comments as I wear this to the store and the farmers market.  The amazing thing is that I thought I would get those Rockefeller death shot proponents getting mad at me.  Since none of them are conscious they cannot even see the T-shirt as they have no logic to connect any dots. So if a person is so gullible they took the shot, they simply cannot read it. 

This is on the back of my T-shirt I wear. Only people who are a little awake can read it. Comatose lefties cannot even see it their Trance is so strong.

Last year I did a poll at the farmers market that was quite interesting.

I asked people how many times a day does hospice change Biden’s diaper.

  1. 5 times
  2. 7 times
  3. 10 times

I ask the comatose KKK slavery democrat booth this and of course they got flustered but regurgitated what their programming said about Trump grabbing the pussy.  Sniffing little girls like Biden and being a pedophile is not a problem, because if it is not on the propaganda news which is all they can do to regurgitate anyway, it must not be true.  Obviously the news tells them they are smart (LOL!) so they must be when an authority figure says it right?  The zombies have a human rights task force for transgenders like Michael Obama they are fighting for, but ignore human babies who they let die up to 28 days in CA. I am obviously very hateful to them for pointing out these salient FACTS, but the murder is just fine to these zombified mummies.  Not an ounce of logic but they can regurgitate they are very intelligent!!  That is what their software program says so it must be true right?

Ugly smelly RETARDED repulsive filthy despicable BITCH Kathy Griffen with vegetable Biden! Not only a repulsive RACIST putrid vulgar BIGOTED HATEFUL KKK slavery demonrat but a subversive LYING parasitical sub human beast ashkeNAZI yid vermin! A double whammy for the fiery pit!!

Numerous Republicans loved the survey and laughed.  I had it on a clipboard as I was standing next to a friend who is fairly awake so I talk to him here all the time, and this zombie comes up and asks me what is on my clipboard.  I tell him and then he starts screaming at me.  He says I am not being productive.  He obviously did not want the public opinion on how many times vegetable Biden gets his diaper changed?  This is important stuff.  He kept on for quite a while and I tried to just be silent so he would go away, but he just kept at it. Seemed like an hour, but it was probable less than 5 minutes. He even complained to the zombies who run the farmers market so she came and talked to me.  Like always he was attacking me so he was psychologically projecting like all comatose lefties do.  She asked and I said no, he attacked me.  I told her what my survey said and she just said that is inappropriate.  But a change in the wind sets off a comatose lefty obviously.

KKK slavery lefties are simply not alive!! Be an anti-Racist and encourage the zombies to get the Rockefeller death shot as you will be doing them a favor by putting them out of their misery!

Next week I will be telling people about the new disinformation center from the government, and obviously on the heinous mendacious LIE of calling narcissistic KKK slavery democrats liberal.  Any BIGOT who calls a KKK slavery democrat a liberal will fined $100 per incident.  An obvious money maker since both sides of the false left vs. right paradigm calls the comatose lefty morons liberal!  Should be a big money maker!!

I have tried to get this put on a T-Shirt (not that hard yet, but this truth so much is so hard for people’s mind to grasp it simply boggles the zombies minds). It is the simple truth and that is all it is!
The KKK never left the slavery demonrats! Vegetable Biden even gets free diapers from the KKK for his innovative crack pipes for the ghetto to kill more blacks and the underclass in general. It’s just the truth so get over it! You have been deceived!!
Selected Biden is just a puppet as he is not in charge of a thing. The satanic Khazarian ashkeNAZI mafia just uses the mental invalid as a really bad actor.
This is such a good picture I have used it a few times! It shows vegetable Biden in his natural state.
Pedophile Biden raping a little Asian girl which was on Hunters laptop, but this has been debunked they say! Yes, if it is the truth they say it is a LIE, just ask they new Orwellian minister of Truth subversive LYING repulsive ashkeNAZI yid!!

The subversive LYING parasite sings who do I have to fuck to get famous? Is it really a woman? Of course the piece of TRASH will always deny the truth, and the ashkeNAZI yids are LIARS and their father is the devil!

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