Bishop Vigano Denounces an “Infernal Elite”

“Let us have no illusions: these servants of the New World Order who have managed to occupy the highest positions of national governments and international organizations are our enemies: enemies of the good and enemies of God. They do not care how many of us will have to die from the effects of the vaccine, from hunger or from bombs: they are only interested in power, personal advantage and the advantage of their masters, whom so far no one has dared to incriminate and condemn.”

Allow me to speak to you as a Bishop. I first denounced it two years ago, but now the ferocious and violent assault of these conspirators is so obvious that they are no longer even hiding. It is an attack by the elite that has as its purpose the destruction of everything that is part of our identity, of our culture, and of our Faith. It is an infernal elite, who desire death and hate life; who desire disease and hate health; who hate peace and desire war; an elite that it is based on lies and detests truth; an elite who want slavery and tyranny and hate the freedom of God’s children. It is an elite that hates God, hates Our Lord Jesus Christ, and has devoted itself to the service of Satan.

The time has come to act. We must really all wake up, get on our feet, and demand that those who govern us be honest, think of the common good, and obey only God and those who elected them to help citizens live honestly, instead of seeing ourselves more humiliated each day, treated like slaves and forced to witness the destruction of everything that our fathers have laboriously built.

The time has come to denounce the corrupt and the traitors, to expel those who do not serve the people but the deep state or the New World Order. Because none of us wants that New World Order, only the few who think they can still terrorize us with the pandemic, with the threat of a nuclear war, with the impoverishment of nations, and with the imposition of absurd rules that no one has ever wanted or approved.

The time has come to establish an Anti-Globalist Alliance, a worldwide civil movement that gives voice to the majority of citizens, denouncing the coup that is now in progress, revealing the connivance of the powerful, the conflicts of interest of the lobbies, and the lies of the mainstream media. This Alliance must have its own clear and common purpose that refutes the agenda of globalism and opposes it with a concrete proposal, in conformity with the Natural Law, the common good, and good governance.

The supposed elite are satanic pedophile bankster scum! Follow the money!!
Rothschilds are the head of the satanic bankster scum!

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  1. Archbishop is 1 of the few among the Catholic Church upper clergy that speaks like this. He’s refreshing. Pope Pius X warned about the infiltration and worldliness that would seek to destroy the Church if the modernist movement wasn’t kept in check. Vigano doesn’t even refer to Pope Francis by his office. He refers to him by his family name; Bergoglio (that spelling is close enough). And Vigano refers to the anti-Christian and Masonic ideas Francis preaches as the “church of Bergoglio”. Vigano maintains that Jesuit Francis is not the real pope because he wasn’t properly elected. He wants an investigation. In the end, Christ did say, “the gates of hell will not prevail”.

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