Stop the HATE speech! No more calling closed minded KKK slavery democrats liberal!!

As a progressive liberal among many in our community, it is obviously disconcerting to see the continuous HATE speech in our community with the heinous mendacious LIE of calling narcissistic KKK slavery democrats liberal.

Since KKK slavery democrats are having trouble figuring out their gender nowadays due to their intellectual deficiencies,  they are not liberal in the least, and are easily upset by this simple truth. 

But this mendacious LIE of calling closed minded KKK slavery democrats liberal is very upsetting to the open minded progressive liberals in the area, and obviously nationwide with the propaganda media that only gullible morons watch nowadays.

Thus, to stop this HATE speech, we request the community adopt a $100 fine per incident of calling a KKK slavery democrat liberal, as this could be a tremendous source of revenue to help the women and children us progressive liberals care about.

We appreciate your attention to this critical matter in these challenging and unprecedented times.  This simple fine for this HATE speech can help heal the community.

Take care and God bless!

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