Stupidity is not the lack of knowledge, but the illusion of having it!

Is this is not a perfect statement for the masses I don’t know what is!!  The ego always believes it has the knowledge and if it does not question their beliefs, it will perpetuate Plato’s Cave of complete LIES!!

The ego always believes it is right, but is always WRONG!!

Our public indoctrination centers are for the distinct purpose of brain damage to produce good slaves. This is a FACT!!  If you get good grades you are signifying to the controllers that you are an obedient slave and an unquestioning fool!  You will be then be rewarded by the beast system with a good job so you can prove you are a good slave!  Usually firmly in debt after this, you must work and focus on the task at hand so you don’t think about how you really have just been bent over.  This is especially true for those who went to college over the last 20 years as they have perfected the art of producing KKK slavery lefty zombies, stifling even conservative thought which is still completely in the false left vs. right paradigm of nonsense.

When I graduated college in the late 80’s it was not this bad in the least, as no class pushed leftist garbage in the degree it is now, and if I was in the class I pushed back so they shut up. Even when I was 5 I asked my father how come democrats are so stupid. I don’t remember what he said but to say he was more forgiving than me is an understatement.  I have had no tolerance for leftist garbage my whole life.  Needless to say I remember on my graduation day thinking in the ceremony, well this sure was a crock of shit!!

I did graduate, but I have since thoroughly recovered!!

Liberalism is brainwashing 101 and is designed to produce HATEFUL intolerant BIGOTS!!

Only an open minded liberal like myself who has been questioning everything my whole life will figure this out, as all indoctrination systems are designed to produce unthinking complying BIGOTS who do not question authority figures, and rely on authority figures who are LIARS to do their thinking for them.  Thus, they are programmed to believe posting a propaganda link from the internet of LIES shows they are educated.  The sycophant farm animals think an evil google search is intelligence unfortunately.  I look at google and I can never find the truth!!

The Brave New World is where FACTS are ignored because the masses simply cannot comprehend what a FACT is is a big problem!!

Whatever the FACT checkers say is the opposite of the Truth!! The absurdity is just immense!!

The compliant slaves of the system then will go to their jobs, be tired so the brainwashing is easier and then watch TV “programming” so they can regurgitate what they saw the next day at the water cooler!! They will not recognize the complete absurdities of the subversive LYING parasites who run the operation mockingbird media.  This way they confirm the movie “They Live” is a documentary!!

I have no idea how anyone can believe this bullshit propaganda!! The TRANCE has to be good!! And it is!!

This MK Ultra mind control which is truly an art form at this point is pervasive everywhere and it really is what the Matrix really is!! If someone like me can make 2 KKK slavery democrats attack each at will, just think of how the people who brainwashed them can! All we have to do is look at the zombie RACIST domestic terrorist HATE groups BLM and antifa to see it in action!!

RACIST HATEFUL intolerant BIGOTED KKK slavery lefties are NOT alive!!

I have personally made KKK slavery demonrats attack each other a few times just to see how easy it would be. Being invited to a party that I only knew a few people and most the rest were KKK slavery democrats made a perfect opportunity. I made the sycophants attack each other while I was laughing!! I had some women attack a guy because he watched movies which is supportive of the abuse of women!! The look on the guys face was priceless!! After a short bit I had to leave since I couldn’t stop laughing as I am sure he found that odd!! LOL!!!

How to play the game of Democrat!

This game can be played to amuse all ages, and is really a quite simple game to play.

Items needed to play this game? 2 comatose Democrats

Since all KKK slavery Democrats are programmed the same all you need are the current programming words that are being said in the ashkeNAZI yid supremacist main stream media. Words such as abuse of women, Racist and Bigot are popular words used by the blithering idiots and can be manipulated so these KKK slavery Democrats will actually attack each other, which will be hilarious and entertaining to say the least!

Since all KKK slavery Democrats are merely a software program, all you need to do is invert the words that are already programmed into them for full effect.  After this has been done, the zombies will show you some fireworks and emotional blither that will be completely irrational and nonsensical.  It is fun for the whole family!

Play KKK slavery Democrat today!  Be prepared to laugh like never before!

I still have no idea how KKK slavery democrats tie their shoes!!

All KKK slavery democrats and unfortunately most rightys can do is regurgitate what they saw on the previous nights news, but at least righty’s usually have the ability to recognize the absurdities, while lefties are comatose and cannot.

This is true as they cannot comprehend facts to question it!!

The masses simply are programmed with all LIES and even if you kick them in the head they will not question what they believe. This is what is true stupidity, and have been brainwashed to not question authority and be a good slave!! Their programmed opinions are arrogant regurgitated and any truth spoken will be viewed as HATE speech since it doesn’t match their programmed LIES!!

It is the mark of an indoctrinated slaves mind to never question their beliefs!!

I assure you I am laughing at all the absurdites everyday as how couldn’t I, but I do try and make people laugh to help them understand the truth, it just doesn’t always work!!

Plato’s Cave now has my picture on its wall as a most wanted!!

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  1. Great post, when I read the quotes (they’re so accurate), I realize that not much has changed beyond the surface technology and moral debauchery; there have always been a small group of intelligent people vs masses of ignorant followers, voluntary slaves. I’ve tried to wake people but they won’t awaken. Many sheeple view my posts but don’t like them or comment. Fear is much stronger than truth, for most people.

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    • I appreciate the response as most people due to cognitive dissonance are afraid to even look at what I write.

      The reality is the demons leading the masses astray are not actually smart, but are being led by the fallen angels who are evil.

      The Matrix makes it so people do not question as they are inured with the beast system because it is all they have ever known, but will resist waking up to reality.

      The ego is emotion is stubbornness is narcissism is bigotry is pride is satan himself.

      It is how the masses are controlled by materialism, sex, greed, etc.

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      • I totally agree. The New Age cult grooms people with the lure of positivity and good magic (there is no such thing, magic is manipulation, the desire to control reality, play God), I was tricked for awhile by that but finally realized that they secretly promote Satanism. The beast system is ingrained everywhere and it’s no longer subtle. The decades of conditioning worked. People say GOAT and Beast as compliments. It’s a fallen world. Lucifer is the original deceiver, this world’s his playground. Ego/narcissism is Satanism.

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