A Saturday morning in the life of an open minded liberal Philosopher!

I am not normal nor would I ever want to be, but I obviously get frustrated that people will not listen to me which is a constant.  But to say it doesn’t create a rather interesting experience every day living outside of the Matrix while most people are firmly in it, would be an understatement to say the least.  The incredulity of what happens to me is truly beyond most people’s limits of perception, as other people’s reality is much different than mine, as I comprehend every little FACT there is, while most other people even a big fact is ignored.

Do your test and ask someone to name a fact, any fact, and they will give you an opinion not a FACT!!  Most of those opinions will be completely programmed also.  The Brave New World is the belief that a programmed opinion is a FACT, while a FACT like I am typing on a computer is completely ignored.  If you ask for a FACT most likely you will get a blank stare and they will not be able to name one.  This is obviously a tough test to do if you have trouble with the statement also which is the conundrum of condundrums.

To deny the Matrix exists is the admittance you are still in it!!

On most Saturdays I go to my local Super OK corral deli to get breakfast and pick up breakfast for a good friend of mine since the Super OK corral deli near him is not as good.  One of the girls at this deli is not fond of my truth telling (I tend to tell the truth that all KKK slavery democrats are retarded, which is very offensive to the retards obviously), as one time while checking me out a while back she was on a rant that Trump is stupid, which comatose KKK slavery democrats are programmed to regurgitate.  This obviously is pure psychological projection since they cannot actually form a complete sentence.

So I pick up my breakfast at the Hot Bar and there are 2 people in front of me.  I wait for my turn and when I get up there she turns around and pushes a trey into the kitchen instead of checking me out.  This has been happening frequently lately as she will act busy when I am there to pay. They always have 2 people so the other girl checks me out so I just laugh a little and wait a couple minutes. 

Because KKK slavery democrats have no intelligence, they are easily offended by my complete sentences as an open minded liberal!! Very understandable!!

I drive up to the Super OK corral deli north of me to meet my buddy.  I sit down and my buddy tells me that this girl he waves too hates me.  I have no idea who she is but she has overheard me talking I guess.  You could say my truth especially about KKK slavery democrats tends to cause a dislike of me thru osmosis. As long as a KKK slavery democrat doesn’t regurgitate anything in my presence I leave them to drool by themselves.  Since they are mutes anyway they always stay silent.  If they do hear me sometimes they do have a line in their software that says “I am very intelligent” that gets triggered after which they will go right back to drooling.

I wonder if God laughs at KKK slavery democrats as much as I do?

Now comes the juicy part!!  Some more friends and acquaintances show up who are in general fairly well versed in reality, although nobody has done as much research as me.  Nobody else knows how the programming works like me either. 

So we are discussing small talk and the fake war with the CIA installed Rothschild puppet penis piano playing fag Zelensky and the bloopers from the operation mockingbird fake media.  Typical conversation for people that associate with me. But someone new that I had never met came and sat down who is a friend of one of acquaintances.  He obviously was not scared of me yet.  Thus, a potential triggered ego has joined the group.

I have a book I just got about the Truth about the temples in Jerusalem (with me) which is out of print so I put in on my wish list for a reason about 6 months ago and it finally came it.  But I honestly cannot remember why I wanted it. This led into more conversations about the Khazarian mafia and the ashkeNAZI yids.  I realize now this opened up a can of worms, but it is not at all what I had intended as conversations go.

The Khazarian ashkeNAZI yids are NOT joos nor are they semitic! They were known as the name stealers a 1000 years ago and they stole the joo name! What a cohencidence!! Nothing about them is true!!

Mind you I know exactly how people are programmed and what words they use to try and protect their LIES so I have a comeback for it all, not that they will listen obviously and I know that.

This newcomer stated he supported the building of the new temple (which obviously would require the destruction of the mosque currently there).

I then stated you support the racist terrorist synagogue of satan ItsaHELL who attacked America on 911?

He said yes he does!  I then asked him if he still believes in the holohoax bullshit also? 

He said yes and then accused me of being anti-semitic (agent smith at his best!) I know for a FACT that the yids are NOT descendants of Shem so they are NOT semitic, so I stated right back they are not semitic.  Earlier we had stated the inbreds are not real joos also!!

The only thing I would use ashkeNAZI yids since they are NOT joos!!

Like all truthful FACTS, this triggered his ego and he jumped up and started yelling at me. I know I am fighting with the truth while he is protecting his mendacious LIES that he has been programmed with. This triggered my own ego as we started yelling at each other over the table. Our faces were literally 3 inches apart for what seemed like an eternity, but was probably like 15 seconds. Since I myself was triggered, I have no idea what I or he said, but I was emotional which is something that happens every 10 years or so for me. I do play act emotion to combat egos quite often since I know I have to thru my logic of understanding how the ego works.  But this was not me play acting one bit.

Like I said, while I have no idea what he said nor what I said, but when he stated lets go outside into the parking lot and settle this, my intelligence kicks in and it is not a battle I will ever take so I backed down and said I will leave.

The ego will not listen, it always believes it is right, and is always WRONG!!

I am a philosopher and I only fight with words, never physical as that is for RETARDS, and I know I was fighting a software program that is unarmed trying to battle me in wits. I literally know I could have put him into a coma if I wanted but that is never my goal.  I know people will get mad at me for trying to wake them up but that is just part of the game.  I had no intention of triggering his ego which in turn triggered mine at all.  Like always, it just happened.

This was just the morning!

The truth always triggers egos, as people want their comfortable LIES confirmed!! My father, Jesus nor Socrates did not do that and neither will I!! Voltaire did alot of hiding!! He had too!!

For some reason this made me think of my reoccurring dream growing up.

I had a reoccurring dream as I was growing up that I was sitting on a hill just watching the masses walk by in front of me. This dream occurred over and over again. I for the life of me would remember the dream and ask myself why does this dream keep occurring since it is always the same thing?  This went on for years.  Then one time in the dream I stood up and all of a sudden the masses all stopped and then looked at me.  It startled me and I woke up fast.  I never had that dream again.

What does this mean?  I am very wise to tell you I do not know! 

It’s not that no one believes me, it’s just nobody listens!!
If you are wondering, this statement is what Jim Morrison used to name the Doors!! This statement is very true, but it is the very few who will understand it!!

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  1. Thanks, nice to hear someone else share alot of the same thoughts. I personally have learned a new level of patience and been forced to deny my former tendency to become violent, which was inherent since childhood, strengthened with boos for a few years, and even after giving up drinking after 30 yrs, it still lingered . But the in your face disaster of the past few years and watching Americans be turned into zombies with masks and fear porn highlighted how outnumbered I truly was, so forcing people to hear me, no matter if they were offended became my mission. Thanks to the scamdemic, I have finally let go of beating my opponents and compelled to open their minds to this matrix. Thanks again, sorry for rambling.

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    • Thanks for your response!

      I do my best to help people but not enough people listen. I have never been in a physical fight in my life and I will not be starting now.

      The masses are sheep and that is the unfortunate reality.


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