Research FLAT earth if you care about women and children!!

As Flat Earthers we have open minds to all information and obviously care about women and children, unlike narcissistic conspiracy globberyists who are merely in love with their programmed regurgitations of such absurd nonsense like wacked out conspiracy theories like gravity!  Instead of caring for women and children like FLAT Earthers, conspiracy globberyists are so focused on repeating exactly what they have been programmed with at the public brain damaging centers falsely called schools, that they then are extremely HATEFUL towards all women and children.

Agent Smith is very touchy about the truth the earth is FLAT! He gets very upset and triggered!!

As we know from your typical selfish prideful BIGOTED narcissistic psychologically projecting (meaning they are guilty of everything the comatose morons accuseth) RACIST KKK slavery demonrats (poopypants Biden) who are so HATEFUL towards women and children they spew their extremist deplorable sycophantry at the KKK Planned Parenthood clinic to secure more donations from the KKK.

I wonder if the KKK provides free enemas to a typical KKK slavery demonrat family like this?

As a FLAT earther open minded liberal like myself who cares for women and children, I know for a FACT that RACIST KKK slavery lefties are completely unconscious and not worth any of my time since they have NO intelligence and couldn’t comprehend a simple little FACT even if they actually have figured out their gender which is rare enough these days. 

Spewage from a comatose lefty nowadays is just obnoxious blither!

Calling a RACIST BIGOTED KKK slavery demonrat a liberal is blatant HATE speech as it is extremely irritating for an open minded liberal like myself to be associated with such TRASH like severe dementia sniffing pedophile Biden!!  The KKK giving Biden free diapers for his Crack Pipes for the ghetto campaign does not change my position at all!!

The KKK never left the RACIST BIGOTED slavery demonrats!! They are still getting donations per public record!! (They hide the name obviously!)

Obviously, I wish righty’s would wake up a little bit more to all the absurdities and care for women and children by looking at reality that the earth is FLAT, instead of a callous egotistical attitude like conspiracy globberyists who only care about their regurgitations, and not women and children at all!!

Gosh, the parasitical problem has a big aqualine nose!

Thus, if you care about women and children at all, you will take the time to research the truth that the earth is FLAT!!

Good little model of FLAT earth!!
No bible verses for conspiracy globbery!!
I can’t even get past this simple detail with conspiracy globberyists since they ignore all FACTS and stick with their programmed regurgitations!
Even half of NASA knows the earth is FLAT!!

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  1. Very good. Thanks for providing all those Bible references. I wasn’t aware there were so many. I just want to add to your information that no matter how far up in the atmosphere you go, the horizon is always flat. People in airplanes can sometimes be fooled that it’s curved if the plane windows are concave. That will give an obvious false image of what you see.

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