Mentally deranged comatose RACIST HATEFUL intolerant BIGOTED KKK slavery demonrat unconscious vomit are becoming scared to live in Sandpoint ID!!

I came across this video about putrid vulgar morally repugnant diseased sludge KKK slavery demonrat extremist deplorable sycophant TRASH!!

Obviously I do not like the subversive LYING of calling a piece of comatose piece of shit RACIST HATEFUL intolerant BIGOTED KKK slavery demonrat a liberal, when every brainwashed RETARDED useless eating demonrat is the anti-thesis of a liberal, a closed minded comatose BIGOTED piece of TRASH!!

As an open minded liberal myself, it is extremely insulting when people call scatological comatose KKK slavery demonrat unconscious vomit what I myself am!!

KKK slavery demonrats are NOT fucking alive!!

Since all a piece of despicable BIGOTED TRASH KKK slavery demonrat is NOT conscious, their programmed regurgitations will be the complete opposite of what an open minded liberal like myself thru proper Socratic logic has. The Orwellian inversion per se as 1984 is certainly not fiction!!

Can anyone process the complete inversion we are in? Obviously Vincent James cannot!

As a typical satanic death cult KKK slavery demonrat spews their extremist RACISM, BIGOTRY and HATE at the KKK Planned Parenthood clinic murdering innocent babies, as being an open minded liberal who cares for women and children, I am against murder.  Hard to believe right?

How did they brainwashed people to not understand the FACT that this is a blood human sacrifice of a innocent child for satan?

All comatose rude and offensive KKK slavery demonrats are easily offended obviously simply because the filthy TRASH is NOT alive!!

Comatose KKK slavery lefties do NOT have intelligence! NONE!!

God most certainly has made the right decision to euthanize the piece of prideful BIGOTED diseased sludge by getting the scum to euthanize themselves via the Rockefeller death shot!!

Any prideful BIGOTED gullible moron who took the Rockefeller death shot will DIE!! This is NOT a debatable FACT!!

Hearing any leftist piece of shit complain is just repulsive as the narcissistic egotistical gullible morons are absolutely disgusting at this point!

All KKK slavery demonrats are HATEFUL intolerant BIGOTED comatose TRASH!!


Good riddance!!

The truth hurts feelings you know!! Please fuck off!!

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