Compilation of pictures that accurately portrays your typical KKK slavery democrat!!

Pictures paint a thousand words, and it is more than obvious anyone brave enough to call themselves a KKK slavery democrat is simply comatose! They are insane!! Certainly NOT alive!!

Isn’t the horse cute?
Excellent birth control!!
Total freaks and the mental invalids have no clue!!
Not that they realize right?
KKK slavery democrats are not allowed any programmed regurgitation’s in my presence!!
Imagine the people behinds the scenes getting these RETARDED vegetables to do this? They must laugh their head off!!
Scary!! I agree with Hillary!!
Keep you damn pussy covered!!
Orwell’s 1984 HATE minute in real life!!
How would they know?
Obviously their mothers made the WRONG choice!!
At least I present the most intelligent member of “The View!”
How could I forget the farm animal Greta?
Obviously here are some of the more intelligent KKK slavery democrats!!
Women should NOT vote EVER!!
An authority figure on how to psychologically project RACISM!!
Fuck me!!
Last but not least, the vegetable!!

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