Inflitration of a KKK slavery democrat party to observe the zombies!!

I went to a Progressive (Really regressive) KKK slavery Democrats of meeting (January 2017) about the supposed Russian involvement in the election last year. I did mention to the gentlemen that it sure was many pharisee money changers in here and he just said “well this is La Jolla.” My thoughts were that is may also be a cover for the Ku Klux Klan as we all know how insidious they are nowadays. I did not see any blood stains so obviously they did not lynch any blacks that day, but it was obvious they all supported KKK Planned Parenthood and their quest for genocide of blacks or the underclass in general.

The person giving the presentation was John who is an investigative reporter in the area. His introduction was that he was in Washington DC during the Iran Contra era investigating the CIA and how they ran drugs to pay for the covert operations. Fair enough I thought and reasonable. But the first hypothesis to prove the Russian’s were involved was to cite the same corrupt CIA as from before to a saintly CIA telling us the Russian’s have hacked the election. He said it with a complete straight face! I started laughing but I was the only one! Nobody else even noticed. If a person has even a slight modicum of common sense, you cannot destroy your cited organizations credibility before you laud it. I looked around and expected a few people to notice this, but I just saw blank stares.

Not a single ounce of critical thought appeared among all these people. Their Orwellian brains sucked up the simplistic conjecture he spouted like it was revelation from God himself! Of course it is fact, he was telling us this and it obviously is on the internet and in the main stream media! Their narco-hypnotic state was so complete that complicit servitude is the only thing they are capable of. Between listening to his simpleton drivel and looking around at the blank faces, I realized the apocalypse has already happened to these people, they just didn’t realize they were there. The KKK slavery Democratic robot mind is a mere computer programmable entity that is not able to access critical thought processes, i.e. it is not a free mind. It is programmed to believe what it is told to believe and nothing else.

The program tells them they are smart and open minded while the complete opposite is true, as in what Orwell described so long ago. The program will also shut down any thought other than what it is told to believe, thus that is why a KKK slavery Democrat robot shuts down even the simplest of discussions that disagree with what it is told i.e. to keep the brain locked in place. This control mechanism is a pervasive wall to any free thought or to god forbid, to become deprogrammed. It has answered my life long question of how can Democrats can be so astoundingly stupid while being arrogantly ignorant.

Walking away from this zombie fest is when I came up with the term Polluted Thumb Drive for KKK slavery democrats. It really is exactly what they are!!

There is nobody home!!
The KKK even donated to Hillarys campaign per public record!!

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