Slavery Reparations for Blacks!

Due to the extreme mistreatment of Black People in slavery, I think it is only appropriate that black people receive some recompense for this horrific treatment on the part of slave owners.  Thus, I think that these slave owners should be turned into slaves for the current generation. It is only fair correct? 

Thus, as we clearly know the tribe responsible for slavery in America, as the Cohen and Bros. slave auctions along with Levy and Frank etc. owning the slave ships, facts prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that genetically deformed subversive LYING ashkeNAZI supremacists who falsely call themselves joos but are not nor are they semitic, did slavery in America. Obviously these Racists still run the hateful intolerant BIGOTED KKK slavery Democrat party still, and it is very obvious to the casual observer that they still own most of these slaves, as most never wanted to leave the plantation of the KKK slavery Democrat party.

As we also know, all the NAZI’s who falsely call themselves joos are egotistical retards so they are subversive LIARS!

These NAZI’s are known psychological projecting subversive LIARS, thief’s, and murderers, and like to blame others for what they have done, and are clearly severely intellectually deficient which produces their extremist deplorable monstrous inferiority complex.  This is even more evident that they vote primarily for the comatose RACIST BIGOTED KKK slavery leftist unconscious zombies! Thus, the whole inferior Racist lot of them must be treated harshly to train them as good slaves.

Also, financial remunerations are in order for white Europeans since these unclean sub human beast racists have blamed what they have done on others, just like the financial remunerations to arabs for blaming them for 911, when it clearly was the terrorist racist apartheid synagogue of satan state of ItsaHELL! Germany also must receive immense reparations for the despicable HATEFUL Racist Holohoax LIE perpetuated by the edomite sodomite minions who falsely call themselves joos.

We know to eliminate extremist HATE and Racism, the eradication of the parasites that falsely calls itself a joo must be done as it has been in civilized societies 1030 times.  Obviously, only the most viscous Racist extremists would be against this caring action.

Since these egotistical narcissistic retards are extremely prideful bigots as epitomized by the word chutzpah which obviously means arrogant RETARD, these master LIARS will continually resist the truth. But as we know, only the most Racist extremist would be against the expelling of this faulty genetic schizophrenic psychopathic Racist morally repugnant cultural swine.

Pride goes before destruction and obviously God will end this cancerous race and put the mental invalids out of their misery!!

If it was a yid holiday, auction was cancelled due to no buyers!
The truth about slavery in America!
White people are NOT behind slavery EVER!
All ships were ashekNAZI yid owned!

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