I went to a prideful deflecting from the truth organized religion bible church yesterday!

I don’t go to church much nowadays, but when I do I sit amongst a bunch of docile unconscious morons who have faith but NO reasoning skills whatsoever!  The message preached was one of complete nonsense that addressed absolutely nothing and left me feeling very despondent and sad.

Just like how I went to college I went to church yesterday. I assure you I have fully recovered!

The sermon was about the bible being literal which is the truth but unfortunately the pastor was guilty of everything he preached about because of his prideful delivery. The docile morons in the seats clearly viewed the minister as an authority figure instead of the bible. 

These verses pointing out the earth is literally FLAT would have been very offensive in the church! They were all obviously avoided to not offend anyone!

His premise of the sermon was a random poll showing most Christians don’t actually believe the bible and it is their feelings that count.  There was nothing about pride going before destruction or any talk of pride which is the biggest issue of all and was clearly prevalent in the minister himself.  Obviously the docile morons who attended the brainwashing felt good while eschewing any wisdom from the bible in the least. If the proper verses of the bible that I mention all the time would have been discussed, they would have been offended as it would have blown up the feel good message of nothingness.

The minister believes he is right and it is everyone else who is wrong! The organized religion disease!

He mentioned that if a person unteachable, then they no longer should be teaching.  If I would have mentioned to him the bible is a FLAT earth document I would have been thrown out of there I assure you!  He mentioned in his sermon that if you have trouble with the bible do not get mad at him, go debate God.  If I would have brought up FLAT earth I would no longer be able to even attend the church I assure you since I am not docile in the least as an open minded liberal that I am and cite bible verses all the time!

The truthful message was delivered with pride!! He was guilty of everything he was accusing others of! The Matrix in a nutshell!

Organized religion is a control mechanism for the masses and I am certainly not controlled in the least.  The truth is offensive you know and that is why I trigger egos like crazy!

Without any reasoning, the docile masses were able to leave the church without having to acknowledge the known evils of the world today so they could ignore them with ease! Faith is ignorance!

There was no mention if the egotistically RETARDED repulsive cultural swine catatonic KKK slavery demonrats in the least as to point out that lefties are a satanic death cult murdering innocent babies would really stir the zombies in the seats for sure.  The FACT that what Jesus thought of the subversive LYING parasites who call themselves joos but are not, but are the synagogue of satan might have gotten me killed.  I personally am very fond of the truth, martyrdom not so much.

These literal verses were avoided as they would have upset the docile slaves! How dare Jesus tell the truth about the egotistical subversive LYING parasites!

I wasn’t stoned to death so obviously I left the building quietly or otherwise I could not have written this blog!

No mention of the complete inversion the bible talks about that is so blatant. This bible verse is strictly prohibited! At least the prideful satanic agenda of LGBT and transgender nonsense was not present and I did not see a catatonic KKK slavery lefty either, just alot of stupid Retardicans!

Organized religion sucks and Jesus was right!  The bible is literal and organized religion does not follow it in the least!

Philosophers are not very popular and neither is the truth!

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