Public brain damaging centers falsely called universities are TRASH!

I graduated from college but I assure you I have fully recovered.  Obviously we know coming out from the public brain damaging centers is a bunch of extremist deplorable sycophant HATEFUL intolerant prideful BIGOTED KKK slavery leftist filth who we know have NO intelligence in the least. Being the open minded liberal who cares for women and children and anti-RACIST, having the vast majority of gullible moron RACIST KKK slavery lefties euthanize themselves with the clot shot is a good thing as no leftist piece of shit belongs in any civilized society EVER!  Putting the TRASH out of it’s misery is the best thing that could have been done as we do not need any of the HATE and BIGOTRY in our society any longer.

It is destroying brains! NO to any public university!

Unfortunately, the egotistically RETARDED cultural swine sub human beast ashkeNAZI yid vermin have infiltrated the public brain damaging centers with all of their despicable filth, as it is obvious only the most ardent RACIST supremacists care about the life of the subversive LYING ugly smelly faulty vermin.  It is extremely unfortunate that Hitler did not dispose of the maggots!

Satan’s childrens values are prominently pushed in the public brain damaging centers! God is heating up the fiery pit for this cultural swine as we speak!

Universities are making people extremely stupid on purpose.  This has created the zombie apocalypse we are currently in as the vast majority of people simply cannot think. Catatonic KKK slavery lefties are a complete lost cause as their minds have been completely denuded of any reasoning whatsoever as they are all a walking programmable zombies.  The gullible morons cannot be saved and frankly shouldn’t be as their pride has led to their destruction.  Good riddance!

The unfortunate truth!

For there to be world peace, we need the brutal destruction of the RACIST terrorist synagogue of satan ItsaHELL and all of satan’s children, as we know from their actions, the ashkeNAZI yids are not real joos nor are they semitic in the least, as the faulty inbreds are the son’s of cain!  Satan’s children’s days are numbered for sure as God despises this useless eating race.  Justice is coming for sure!

The useless eating cultural swines days are numbered for sure! When you base everything on a pack of lies, it eventually falls apart!

The unfortunate reality that people are paying to have their brain destroyed at a public brain damaging center falsely called a university is a harsh reality to realize.  Just as it is to figure out America is the bad guy in every war fighting for the sub human bankster beasts whose destiny is extremely hot.

Patton figured it out too late unfortunately as I am sure he then knew Hitler was right! And so was Jesus!

No public brain damaging center is good for anyone at this point as homeschool is the only path forward. As an open minded liberal it is clear that RETARDED closed minded prideful BIGOTED lefties lives do NOT matter. Euthanasia which the morally repugnant leftist sewage did willingly is the only cure for this comatose TRASH, and it has been significantly caused by the bullshit public brain damaging centers.  Do not let your child go to any of them as they are pure child abuse.

Intelligence is NOT regurgitation!

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