When do the gullible moron clot shot takers start dying?

We don’t know when they will die, we just know they will. Will it be in conjunction with 5G?  I obviously don’t know how it will be done but I do know it will happen as it is all planned out.  Nothing by chance.  Pride goes before destruction and if a person was so prideful to take the poison injection their time on earth is limited.

Only a conspiracy theorist trusts the propaganda media or corrupt government at this point!

All this is prophesized in the bible with what we are going thru seemingly is right in Revelations.  Unfortunately most people even if they read which very few do have pride in their beliefs so they do not even comprehend what they are reading.

Big Pharma is a complete scam!

The walking programmable zombified KKK slavery lefties are ticking time bombs of clots.  The RACIST prideful BIGOTED useless eating satanic death cult KKK slavery lefties will soon get their death wish.  Even on their death bed they will obviously blame someone else for stupidity.  It is what mentally deranged morally depraved leftist TRASH does.  The sooner this happens the better.

Can you say cognitive dissonance? Doesn’t matter how many times I told someone to not take the shot.

Satan’s children of the synagogue of satan ItsaHELL who attacked America on 911 ultimately will be brutally demolished as the egotistical RETARDED cultural swine deserves their destination into the fiery pit. The subversive LYING parasites most certainly are the biggest failures of all.

The subversive LYING parasites LIES are running on empty. Prefacing your whole existence on a house of cards means it will eventually fall. God is not amused!

Nothing by chance as the whole world is a stage.  It is all just a puppet show and it always has been.  The masses were born into a bankster’s prison as the selfish slothful inferiority complex ashkeNAZI yids days are numbered.  If you base your whole system on a complete LIE it will come crashing down on top of you eventually, and the yids are exactly what  Jesus told us about them.  They are liars thieves and murderers and their father is the devil.  Of course this is right from the bible so people ignore.

If you do not believe what Jesus says, you are NOT a believer!

Everything is inverted as stated in the bible many times.  This goes to show that even though people read such passages such as Isaiah 5:20-21, they ultimately do not comprehend them. People say they are believers yet do not believe the bible and thus are not believers but heretics.  The bible is a FLAT earth document, yet how many supposed Christian’s believe in FLAT earth? Programmed ministers will typicall scoff at FLAT earth proving just how much they are programmed. Mention the yids and they will scream as organized Christianity must protect satan you know! 

How do you ignore this? Calling a closed minded prideful BIGOTED KKK slavery lefty a liberal? No catatonic lefty is open minded in the least as it is absurd!

If a person is prideful they took the clot shot.  God does not like prideful in the least and states as such in the bible many times.  If you ignore this that is your problem not mine.

The gullible morons who did not listen to common sense and were functioning off of fear, they took the clot shot as pushed by satan’s children in the propaganda media nonsense. It is time to take responsibility for your actions whether you like it or not!

If someone took the clot shot, you are getting  little clots in your body all the time and it will not stop.  It is a depopulation shot and if you took it it is going to have a finality date.  All I can say is I told you so. 

I have been telling the truth for years and have been attacked more times than I would have ever imagined. I run back into Plato’s Cave periodically to get some abuse. I am quite used to it for sure!

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