Do you know your gender?

If you do then you are smarter than your typical catatonic prideful BIGOTED KKK slavery democrat nowadays.  Many KKK slavery democrats are so preoccupied with their personal pronouns they forget they are a gender at this point.  Open minded liberals like myself are not confused by their gender in the least so I can contemplate such things how did everything become such a clown world?

How much more obvious can it get on God’s created FLAT earth?

It seems like the vast majority of people are in a complete state of flux and need some vegetable Biden butt wipes to calm them down.  To not make them confused, the half eaten turnip brain would not be included.  It is quite scary to me that anybody takes vegetable Biden seriously or anything this puppet show called a government does.  All politicians are narcissists as that is who clamors for power and all narcissists are LIARS. Thus the false left vs. right paradigm of con man Trump vs. vegetable Biden is downright ludicrous.  It really is that simply and if you cannot see it by now after this scamdemic of nonsense you really need to wake up.

Really the peelings are smarter than vegetable Biden because they stay silent!

By the puppet show government getting the idiots to select themselves to go to the slaughterhouse alone by willingly inject themselves with the poison clot shot this gender dystopia issue will significantly diminish in the future since the gullible morons will die. I am obviously offensive with my words in our dystopian world, but the government euthanizing them is just fine right?  The hallmark of the Orwellian world where words are offensive, but murder is acceptable right?

How many times have the egotistical RETARDS stated what they are going to do? It is the satanic creed that they must do this to get the sheeps acceptance.

Even though they give the illusion they are alive, KKK slavery democrats are not conscious.  The FACT that most Republican’s cannot figure this out only points to their stupidity.  This is the ultimate conundrum we are in.

I do not deny satan’s children control the world because it is confirmed in the bible. The fiery pit awaits!

Anybody who regurgitates the fictitious made up term “White Supremacist” term is a vile RACIST piece of programmed RETARDED TRASH. We obviously know the egotistically RETARDED subversive LYING parasites who made up this term and they are those that call themselves jew but are not, but are the synagogue of satan. It is more than obvious who the Racist Supremacists really are and it is those who psychologically project onto other what they themselves are guilty. Do we not see this daily with catatonic mentally deranged prideful BIGOTED KKK slavery lefties all the time?  Yes we do!!

Do you want a linguistic enema? Just say this fictitious term in my presence and I will provide one for you! I may trigger your fragile ego! Oy Vey!!

God’s disposal of KKK slavery leftist TRASH is really a cleansing as no lefty piece of garbage belongs in any civilized society as their extremist deplorable sycophant HATE, BIGOTRY, moral depravity and RACISM does not belong on our FLAT earth in the least. Karma is a bitch for the conceited gullible morons for sure as their upcoming demise is a just reward for their pride.

Stay away from the poisoned lepers as much as possible for your safety!

Once again as usual I am just a reporter of the truth and do not advocate any violence.  We just need to let the prideful BIGOTS die of the clot shot as there is literally nothing you can do except social distance from the poisoned lepers to keep you safe.

Just because I tell the truth I do not give anyone permission to kill me. I understand the truth is offensive

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