“Those who tell the stories rule society.” Plato

When you realize one thing is a lie then it obviously cascades to understanding everything is if you have any cognitive thought available after all the brainwashing that has been done.  It is most certainly not a joke when Casey who was the CIA director in 1981 stated “We will know out disinformation campaign is complete when everything an America knows is false.”  That obviously has been completed as all common knowledge is a complete and utter absurd LIE!

Those who are master LIARS rule society is the simply truth, and those are the ones whose destiny is not good in the least!

From the absurd lampshades and masturbating machines of the holohoax to the spinning baal thru space nonsense, it is quite obvious that they are simply good at making shit up!  When you understand a few things Plato’s analogy of the Cave makes perfect sense.  Getting gullible morons to believe what is on the Cave Wall or the big screen TV “programming” so they regurgitate it with ease has never really changed. The masses simply are not inclined to think and prefer to let someone do their thinking for them.

Until you get a control of your own ego even if you know the truths, you will still not understand the whole truth. Understanding the ego is the only way you will be able to see all the shadows in a black and white manner. If your ego is not under control it will always be shades of grey.

Every single LIE matters and the most pervasive LIE out there is calling catatonic KKK slavery lefties a liberal when they literally are insane and a walking programmable zombie.  For an open minded liberal who figured out it was I who was the liberal many moons ago it is very irritating that people call the mindless wonders this term.  You tell a lefty it is I who am the liberal then their brain literally tilts.  Game over.  Their programming has no answer since it states a liberal is intelligent and their programming states they are one while they drool into their intellectual children’s pool.

If a person doesn’t think this is important they are still completely in the Matrix. It frankly may be the biggest lie of all and there are a ton of them!

While many people know a lot of the truths out there they fail to realize that is NOT the Matrix in the least.  The Matrix or Plato’s Cave is one thing and that is the ego.  It takes significant sustained thinking to figure out the ego which inverts the reality for the masses as the ego desperately wants to stop you from figuring this out. When I touch a person’s ego to try an deprogram it, it will protect itself by telling me my approach is wrong, or supposed thoughtful criticisms, or tell me I am interrupting them. The ego knows it is in danger when I am around because I understand the logistics completely.  While I can put people into a coma if I wanted to it doesn’t do me any good to do this usually unless I have determined I need for this process to end with this person. I already know once the ego is triggered the only thing I can use is emotion because their thinking has stopped which it doesn’t matter what I say. 

The ego simply does not want to let go of any of it’s programming. The ego is programmed to say it doesn’t matter and that is exactly how it keeps people in the Matrix. All LIES matter not just one and since everything is a LIE it means erasing everything you have been programmed with your entire life. Unlearning is more important than learning!

If the ego is still controlling someone even if they know truths, they will still be in the stage of letting someone else think for them in a video and send me that link.  The ego stops original thought and it doesn’t like it so much it will ignore what I write because it may make them think.  Socrates was very right when he said I cannot teach anybody anything, I can only make them think.  Once you start thinking for yourself instead of just regurgitating what you saw on a video, the ego is done and the Matrix is exposed.  As long as the controllers can keep you regurgitating the stories and narratives they provide for the false left vs. right paradigm they are happy.  Telling the truth as I do I am a threat to their tyranny and control.  It is not even the truth tellers they are scared of, it is those who understand the complete inversion we are in created by the ego and my ability to use their words against their story telling LIES. The truth is simply easily discernible when you understand the ego. 

Every LIE is important to question especially the little lies you do not think are important.

Before I looked into FLAT earth on my discovery journey I already understood how the ego worked.  Thus I stated I would remain silent and listen which hearing that from me usually shocks people.  Every where I go I recognize the ego and it was clear all of them were still in it.  They asked me why I was quiet and I said I had not researched anything so my opinion is not valid so it behooves me to stay silent and listen.  This was the opposite of what other people did as they offered up their programmed regurgitations from free mason NASA and sorts.  After some thinking on some hikes and doing an experiment over a large body of water I became a FLAT earther.  However, because I triggered their egos I was kicked out of this FLAT earth group as I mentioned the yid.  Oy Vey!!  The leader of the group also had former RETARDED democrat syndrome which made things worse.

The ego is the wall. It may not have been called that in Socrates time but it is exactly what he was talking about. It is the wall that keeps people stuck in a rut and not understanding reality. The ego has not intelligence and is programmable thru repetition. The ego needs to be recognized for this gullibility to be destroyed. We all have an ego and it just needs to be controlled by us and not someone else.

As an anti-Racist I know that all mentally deranged RETARDED prideful BIGOTED KKK slavery democrat lives do NOT matter as it is important that we get them to take their boosters so they stop spewing their ignorant programed HATE and Racism by regurgitating the fictitious term “White Supremacist” like the ugly smelly inferiority complex genetically deformed ashkeNAZI yid vermin. We know the media is run by the parasites and now the inbred’s are trying the pass laws to stop their story telling LIES, or expose the simple FACT that sub human repulsive RETARDED rabbi filth suck baby penis. The useless eating RETARDS simply have fragile egos as the truth throws the master LIARS into a tizzy. Trying to pass laws to stop the truth is the beginning of the end for the egotistical mental invalids.

It is quite obvious who the LIARS are at this point. The Racist supremacist HATE group ADL goblin leader Greenblatt even recently stated the holohoax is nonsense, but they will continue to LIE as it is in their DNA.

When everybody stops believing the stories from the yids the house of cards falls like quick sand.And they are more and more every day.  It is obvious to see who we are currently not supposed to criticize and that shows who is doing the ruling currently. The government is one big LIE and run by narcissistic loser TRASH. Vegetable Biden has merely destroyed the puppet show for good.

All the world is a stage is the Truth!

But this shit show is not over until everybody figures out their ego as I cannot even get people to say the simple truth that all catatonic diseased puke KKK slavery leftist TRASH are vile RACIST morally depraved filth.  They are not alive to realize this but it is still a blatantly observable FACT!  

The death penalty is needed for any RACIST who regurgitates the fictitious term “White Supremacist” made up term! Absolute TRASH!

We know who the subversive LYING parasites are and they obviously run the propaganda media.  It is they who make up the nonsensical absurd stories.  It is time to stop believing any of it as if a yids lips are moving it is a LIE.  It is that simple and frankly biblical when you read John 8:44.  We know who it refers too. 

This is clearly speaking to the psychologically projecting ashkeNAZI yids who call themselves joos but are not, but are the synagogue of satan! The first shall be last is a guarantee!

The stories are most definitely NOT the truth and if you want to be free you must be open to the truth. That means you must question everything.  The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off!

Hitler’s favorite philosopher was right!

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