Celebrating Pride is BIGOTRY is Abject Stupidity!

So exactly when do we start believing the bible?  If all we can do is regurgitate what is on the fake news entertainment we obviously are NOT thinking!  TV is programming only and it is for mind control purposes entirely.  If you want to remain an unthinking programmed moron keep watching your TV “programming.”

People will debate complete gibberish from the entertainment from the TV which is NOT news at all but complete diversion from reality. Who controls that nonsense is who controls you. Can you name them?

We know Racist KKK slavery democrats celebrate Pride and literally embrace their complete abject stupidity and willingly inject themselves with experimental toxins recommended to them by “experts” who are blatant LYING scumbags.  Celebrating Pride has led to their destruction as God has warned us repeatedly about Pride but we do not listen.  If we do not listen because we are centered on ourselves rather than God, he has every right to destroy them. 

This is the FACTUAL truth and Pride is the Matrix entirely. Not all the mendacious LIES people have been programmed with like globbery. It is the ego which is Satan himself. If you are not in control of your ego it will control you.

Prideful selfish foolish KKK slavery democrats run away like a chicken with their head cut off pushing the satanic LGBT and transgender disgusting agenda which is extremely repulsive to an open minded liberal who cares for women and children like myself. Catatonic  KKK slavery democrats are all RETARDED as that is extremely obvious as the mental invalids and if any of them dare to regurgitate their programming in my presence and call me RACIST I obviously will take their psychological projection and shove it down their throat with a nasty linguistic enema.  KKK slavery lefties are a bunch of sycophants!  It is precisely why I do not let a KKK slavery lefty regurgitate their programming in my presence as I really don’t want to put the arrogant gullible morons into a coma, but I will if necessary.

This is the wall that blocks out true reality for the masses. The ego is the Matrix!

Does anything good come from the I believe I am right disease of Pride?  The answer is absolutely nothing!  Doesn’t the FACT that a vegetable like Biden was selected wake anyone up?  How can anyone actually believe anything this puppet show government is just mind blowing at this point.  The US government is controlled entirely by the RACIST supremacist egotistical RETARDS of Sodom and Gommorah ItsaHELL, as those who falsely call themselves jews, but are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.  If an ashkeNAZI yids lips are moving, it is a LIE since their father is the devil.

The yids are the upside down race that Jesus was talking about in the bible. They psychologically project exactly what they are guilty because they are egotistical RETARDS! In the star of remphan 666 they are the upside down triangle with their money grubbing ways so they will lie, cheat, and steal without remorse. No other race is capable of this especially the White Race. This is exactly why they are so jealous of White People.

Due to their genetic inferiority, the yids obviously have a massive inferiority complex and it is why they are destroyers of civilizations that White Men built.  This is why the faulty inbreds have no decency and decorum whatsoever.  The yids are Racist supremacist egotistical RETARDS and are driven by their massive inferiority complex due to their intellectual deficiencies which cohencidencely are mixed with their ugliness and smelliness. We know the subversive LYING parasites of Sodom and Gommorah ItsaHELL attacked America on 911, The holohoax is a despicable LIE, and the faulty inbreds did slavery in America.  The yids are master LIARs and psychologically project onto others exactly what they are guilty.    When you tell the truth about a yid they will call you an anti-semite but never a LIAR will they?  The truth is NOT HATE but it is to the narcissistic mental midgets for sure! The yids don’t have mirrors because it would obviously crack.

It cannot be more concise than this. Except the ashkeNAZI yids are not even real joos, but Khazarian mafia.

Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall.  It is a very biblical and reasoned conclusion.  And it is merely the truth!

If you celebrate Pride you are a lover of evil. If you do not HATE evil you will not be a priest to God in the least. The battle is within for all of us!

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