NAZI is short for ashkeNAZI!

It is a FACT the German’s NEVER used the word NAZI to describe themselves as no speech nor writings contained this word.  They got rid of the Rothschild bankster TRASH and call themselves National Socialists.  But it is just a label and the ashkeNAZI’s who are descendents of the Khazarian name stealers love to psychologically project onto others exactly what they are guilty just like how it is described in the bible.  The Khazarian ashkeNAZIs were converted in the 8th century to judaism but not really as they are athiests.  Extremely good liars also as evidenced by the current propaganda fake news media that a person has to be literally catatonic to believe like your typical cultural swine KKK slavery demonrat.

An egotistically RETARDED cultural swine ashkeNAZI yid made up the NAZI term. Just like how satan’s children made up the racist and sexist terms. The genetically deformed inbreds are guilty of what they accuseth EVERY SINGLE TIME!!

Pointing out the simple truth that the yids are way over represented in power positions or Sodom and Gomorrah ItsaHELL doing the controlled demolition on 911 will get someone accused of being an anti-semite but they will never call you a LIAR.  The yids are not even semitic as even that is a LIE.

The parasitical Khazarian ashkeNAZI’s do rule the world unfortunately. Connecting the dots to the criminal banking system is quite easy if you have eyes to see! The inbreds will burn in the fiery pit!

Satan’s children do not like to be noticed and the noticing is starting to pick up steam. According to the egotistical RETARDS and that is exactly what they are it is HATEFUL to not believe all of their LIES.

If you do not see that anything coming out of the mouth of an ashkeNAZI yid is a LIE, you lack knowledge of the bible and wisdom.

KKK slavery democrats as we know get very upset that I do not confirm their programming that tells them “I am very intelligent and an open minded liberal.” Being the actual open minded liberal I tell them no you are not open minded nor liberal as it is I who wants to debate not you, and then they run away proving they are not liberal but prideful BIGOTS.  KKK slavery democrats are not able to even get one programmed regurgitation in with me.  They are simply not conscious and it is just as much of a FACT as myself being an open minded liberal.  Hence the inversion which to figure out the truth just needs to be extrapolated out from. It is not my fault KKK slavery democrats are catatonic is it?

KKK slavery lefties are pure NPC’s!

In our completely upside down world as the bible said it would be in Isaiah 5:20-21 and many other portions of the bible, it is extremely apparent for anyone whose mind is not blind.  Obviously most minds are blind and they cannot see it and ignore all the FACTS.  This is exactly what Satan needs to control the world is for people to not only ignore the bible but to ignore obvious FACTS and that is exactly what he has done.

So it’s anti-semitic to oppose Satan’s agenda? Oy Vey! Satan’s minions are certainly good at deception!

How anyone ignores the moral depravity and disgusting filth of this LGBT and drag queen agenda is beyond me.  KKK slavery democrats are HATEFUL intolerant BIGOTS and get upset when you tell the walking programmable zombies they are wrong and comatose.  It is more than obvious that all KKK slavery demonrats are vile RACIST TRASH.  If a psychologically projecting KKK slavery democrat tries to accuse me of what they are guilty like being a Racist BIGOT they will receive a proper linquistic enema having their accusation shoved right down their throat.

So opposing Satan’s agenda is anti-semitic then? How much more obvious can it get?

Anyone who watches propaganda fake new CNN or any of the msm nonsense is simply catatonic and not alive.  They also probably got the clot shot. If an ashkeNAZI yids lips are moving it is a LIE. It is that simple. There is no deviation from this simple FACT. The yids most certainly were chosen and chosen by Satan himself.  They are the most narcissistic money grubbing faulty inbreds on the planet and obviously completely einstein RETARDED!  The abomination of the world today all emanates from these useless eaters.  A person cannot call themselves a Christian and be ignorant of Satan’s Children as they will go straight to HELL if they support the synagogue of satan ItsaHELL.  You cannot serve God and satan at the same time. The diametrically opposed judeo-Christianity statement is just this as you cannot put a qualifier onto Christianity and it still be Christianity.  It is then satanic.  But organized religion does and it builds pride in their beliefs keeping people away from God.

Do you think Jesus was right calling out the money changers?

Martin Luther’s book “The joos and their LIES” is a must read for anyone who purports to be a Christian.  The simple FACT that I knew nothing of Martin Luther growing up as a Lutheran shows how the ashkeNAZI yids have infiltrated all organized religion as you mention what Luther so aptly described of those who falsely call themselves joos is entirely accurate.  At this point I do not consider anyone a Christian if they have not read this book of biblically backed truth.  Hosea 4:6 prophecy of my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge and we are seeing that played out today in spades.

Martin Luther was right!!

Dueteronomy states those who lend money will gain more and more power over his chosen people and then they will rule over them.  The Khazarian criminal banking system does just that and rules the world by the simple FACT that they print money out of thin air. They have done all wars and kill people with sorcery and big pharma as evidenced by the clot shot for depopulation.  They are not real joos in the least and control such satanic Chabad lubavitch satanic Talmudic leaders such as gay fag Zelensky and Putin.  The current war is simply to kill more White Christians like all the wars.  Satan’s children are very adept at killing White People making us kill each other because we are being destroyed for lack of knowledge.  It is quite obvious which countries the Racist Supremacist egotistical RETARDED satan’s minions are flooding with enemy combatants as it is all White Countries.

If you don’t realize America fought on the WRONG side of WW2 yet, it is time you come to this realization!

The psychological projection continues as the edomite sodomite amalek canaanite repulsive RETARDED satanic Talmud following dick sucking rabbis accuse others of exactly what they are.  The yids are the destroyers and are absolutely cultural swine.

The egotistical RETARDS who follow the Talmud obviously must love their fiery pit final destination!

The first shall be last and the last shall be first.  This is the truth!

God doesn’t like lukewarm in the least as if you do not seek the truth eh will spit you out!

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