Which LIE should I repeat to make people comfortable?

I have been doing my best to deprogram people out of the Matrix for years now and it always come to which truths are offensive that offend people?  Which opinions of theirs which are biblically inaccurate and false should I let slide so they are comfortable with their lies?

People want their comfortable LIES confirmed. I understand that!

Should I let the satanic glob LIE slide?

The truth about the earth being FLAT is so hurtful!

Or let a catatonic prideful BIGOTED KKK slavery lefty psychologically project onto me RACIST because I am White when I know they are RACIST?

Their pride has led the gullible morons to their demise!!

Should I not try and stop people from taking the death jabs and just agree with the ashkeNAZI yids that it is “safe and effective” even though I know it will kill people if they take it?

Gosh, a subversive LYING parasitical yids said this? What a cohencidence! joo is just a fancy word for an egotistically RETARDED sub human ashkeNAZI yid vermin! Hitler should have disposed of the maggots!

Should I tell them KKK slavery lefties are actually alive?  This absurdity is obviously immense.  Should I LIE and call KKK slavery lefties liberal when I know for a FACT they do NOT have an open mind?

Should I just let the extremist deplorable sycophant HATE speech slide by letting people LIE by calling catatonic diseased puke KKK slavery lefties liberal?

The truth only offends those who live outside of it.  The truth requires reasoning and LIES require faith.

Faith is nonsense! It requires a person to put away their pride if they actually want to read the bible. It is the only way one has wisdom is thru humility as illustrated so well in Proverbs.

If someone doesn’t understand psychological projection which comes from both KKK slavery democrats and the ashkeNAZI yids, it would be best to stop and reflect on what this is.  It is explained in Matthew 7:1-5 very well yet this FACT is constantly ignored.

This is NOT fiction as one only has to see what morally depraved sexual deviant TRASH every prideful BIGOTED KKK slavery leftist filth is!

Which FACTS or Truth should I ignore so people are comfortable?  I realize the truth is uncomfortable because people are programmed out of their gord by satan, especially American’s since American has been used as the military machine to install Rothschild central banks to enslave people? 

Just ignore egotistically RETARDED sub human satanic scum who will burn in hell. Deflect to (((china)))!

The truth is just the truth. It is very important to say it and combat LIES at all time. Never back down to satan and his LIES!

If the truth bothers you that is your problem!

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