Free mason NASA’s comedy routines becoming so hilarious they are opening comedy clubs all around the US!

Free mason NASA’s comedy routine have become so hilarious nowadays that the public have demanded they open comedy clubs all around the US because people love to laugh!  Sensing they will be able to extort more money from the gullible masses a business plan has been formulated to open these comedy clubs. As we know, laughter is the best medicine when served with complete and utter absurdities.

Free mason NASA is absurdity friendly!

Free mason Don Pettitt is fully on board since they have lost the original comedy skits from the earlier Apollo mission’s and need some more material to bring the curtain rods and tin foil to life again.

Comedian Don will require premium ticket prices for sure!

As a tribute to where Stanley Kubrick filmed the moon landings in the 60’s, the first comedy club will be opened in Phoenix, AZ since Arizona is where comedy skits first took place.

They tell you the truth but always between the lines so the zombies cannot figure it out!

Some of the comedy routines will include actual free mason actornots getting really upset when someone asks them to put their hand on the bible and say they landed on the moon.  This will be a staple at every comedy club because it never fails to get the audience in the laughing mood.  This is also good to help starving actornots who have been unable to get anyone to believe their lies anymore some money for food.  It is part of the philanthropic efforts of the comedy clubs.

The masses are in a complete Trance to believe this nonsense. I used to be there also!

All comedians will be on wires to so people can laugh as they do twirls on stage. All the actornots and expecially women will be required to use plenty of hair spray so their hair stands straight up so they look like an extra from the movie Frankenstein.  I think we all know by now why they called it a stein by now don’t we?  Oy Vey!!

So the Church of Satan supports free mason NASA? What a cohencidence!

Other standard comedy routines to really get the crowd roaring will be explaining to the crowd who is sitting motionless that they are actually flying through space at over 1000 mph on a spinning baal with no wind.  Obviously it is important that this absurdity always be shown since it has shown people can laugh uncontrollably for an hour just on this alone.  Because of this issue numerous people have actually died of laughter so all people who attend these comedy routines must sign a waiver in the event they laugh themselves to death. 

I wonder if people ignore simple FACTS?

A sphere like item will be brought to each comedy club where they comedian will pour water onto the spinning ball swearing water will stick to it, and throw themselves into such are frenzied tizzy they start writhing on the floor and crying uncontrollably. While this routine is obviously dangerous because of the uncontrollable laughter it causes, because of the waiver when people die of laughter, it has been considered a reasonable loss acceptance of up to 5% of the people who attend. 

They Live is a documentary!! Free mason NASA has very good CGI cartoonists!

Explaining conspiracy gravity always makes people laugh obviously and while the comedian is doing completely absurd nonsensical meaningless calculations, apples are always dropped on their head until they are knocked out.  This is how every comedy routine at free mason NASA comedy clubs will end in a grand finale.

Believing Michael Robinson is actually a women is no different than believing in conspiracy globbery. It is the same type of absurdity!

As a precaution because of the loss of so much oxygen, oxygen tanks are provided for every attendee.  While obviously unable to attach the masks while people are still laughing, once they pass out it is much easier to attach so they do not die.  It is called science.

If you do not make them laugh when telling the truth, they will kill you!

Free mason NASA is expected to be able to extract a significant more amount of money from all the gullible morons still living in Plato’s Cave who believe their nonsense.  After each comedy routine the actornots will sing the song “space is fake and gay” while smoking a doobie. 

Here is your model and bible verses to back it up!

God’s created earth is FLAT!

The brainwashing of globbery has been very good!

2 responses to “Free mason NASA’s comedy routines becoming so hilarious they are opening comedy clubs all around the US!”

  1. The volume of laughter is increasing over these comedic routines. They’re getting more laughs than the Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts that my mother likes to watch. Mind you in the end,…. it’s all satanic Hollywood anyway.

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